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<p>In early March this year, the China Consumer Association released a set of complaints data: National Consumer Association of complaints received in the country in 2003, complaints of building materials more than 17,000, up 21 percent from 2002, in which the hollow pvc boards of fence over complaints three percent.  </p>
<p>In fact, the state has begun to pay attention to the wooden floor of this emerging market. Yu Jie, deputy director of the National Environment Committee that in February 2004, AQSIQ and CNCA jointly issued No. 6, No. 7 announcement, involving three types of building materials industry enterprises CCC compulsory certification. "Although first published no sheet metal industry, decoration materials, but mandatory certification soon unfolded." 20 m2 = 1600 yuan Today, with innovative garden floor features into the household, is playing an inferior floor harmful Character. Who lives in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu Chenghua Wang Xiaojuan (a pseudonym) is one of the victims. July 2003 saw many of his neighbors have torn down near the floor tiles were put on a beautiful wooden floor, Xiaojuan in the heart quietly add up: Why not also re-decorate the living room? In mid-July, is near a newly opened shop wooden floor, 700 square feet of board in hardie and go full Xiaojuan.  </p>
<p>Xiaojuan told reporters that she bought the kind of wood floor price of 100 yuan per square meter, and after her bargain, and finally negotiated 75 yuan per square meter, more than 20 square meters of the entire diy handrail for wooden steps took only 1600 yuan. Let the king never imagined that just had finished the summer, suddenly found to have a sparse white dot on the shop floor in the living room good wood. </p>
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