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"PVC floor" refers to the use of PVC material production floor. Concrete is polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, coloring agents and other excipients, in a continuous sheet substrate, the coating process or by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process from production. PVC flooring material according to the shape of the points can be divided into two kinds of sheet flooring and sheet flooring, which refers to the multi-layer composite sheet plastic floor. Multilayer composite pvc sheet flooring from the surface in the end,replacement wall panels for house boats  top to bottom, are the same color. Since homogeneous body stain resistance is poor, and therefore most suitable for home coverings multilayer composite PVC sheet flooring.PVC flooring in the domestic medium and large cities so far has been generally recognized, is widely used, such as homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, shopping, sports stadiums and other places

Rubber flooring and PVC floor difference:
�� different composition and production processes: rubber floor is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber flooring refers to natural or synthetic rubber-based, color, consisting of a single layer or a multilayer structure consistent vulcanization floor; 16 foot veranda floor manufacturer Costa Rica heterogeneous rubber floor flooring refers to natural or synthetic rubber-based, structure on includes a wear layer and the other in composition and (or) design on different layers of compacted, compacted layer contains a skeleton layer.
�� color difference: colored rubber floor more difficult, because the rubber has a strong absorption color, so most of the color in a single rubber flooring; PVC floor color and much more, in any combination, can give designers more select.
�� market demand and abrasion resistance difference: Due to the high price of rubber flooring, used only in some high-end places, relatively narrow range; and PVC flooring because of its high cost and therefore is widely used, ecology wood patio floors wholesale Norway the market has great potential. Also rubber floor abrasion resistance, at the airport, railway stations and other places large flow of people and aircraft, trains, subways, cars, ships and other means of transport are applicable.
�� There are differences in the degree of difficulty installation: PVC floor texture is light, quick and easy installation; heavy rubber flooring, installation is more laborious. And rubber flooring installation method requires more stringent, if the method does not appear bubbles of self-leveling foundation requirements more perfect, otherwise it will exaggerate the grassroots defects.
PVC flooring and rubber flooring are some public places, especially in sports with more floor decoration materials, so some people would be easy to confuse the two floors, but no matter from both aspects of other ingredients, appearance and installations there are some differences.
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In the long run of the This country's Cup final in which Chile against Argentina, Argentina inside the centennial America's Pot finals lost the sport, with the winner missed. This is Argentina's next major tournament lose the sport, After the video game, Cheap FIFA 16 Coins cover persona Messi announced leave from your national team. We realize that behind this kind of statement is FIFA's conviction, and do not stop trying the stick, we realize that FIFA Messi directed Argentina scored 3 x America's Cup finals, but two game titles was lose inside the penalty shootout, following your end of the particular America's Cup.

FIFA Messi painfully tears left. From the beginning of the charges shoot out, Messi was the initial appearance for the particular Argentina team. Nonetheless, in the confront of Barcelona teammate Bravo, Messi's penalty conquer flew directly out from the beam. Eventually, Argentina misplaced on penalties, misplaced the America's Pot trophy. At the period FIFA Messi extremely depressed, we can easily understand his disposition. After the match up, FIFA Messi acknowledge an interview inside the mixed zone reporters, this individual said:. "For myself, it was around in the global arena.
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<p>Before the founding of Pinggu road maintenance by the Chief Executive pumping Ding, organized by season porters surprise renovations. After the founding of migrant workers from both sides of the road dug trench bedding leveled then compacted by natural or animal pulling Luzhou compacted to form the road has opened to traffic conditions.</p>
<p>        In 1957, Pinggu Transport Bureau was established the first branch minor repairs and maintenance team. In 1960, a total of Pinggu city, county road 8, 123 km. Start, Mud Gravel road grade from a natural transition to secondary dirt road gravel road. In 1962, the formation of a small official, Zhang Xin Zhuang, Han Zhuang seven "channel group were raised" Conservation Road class, the total mileage of 69.8 kilometers Conservation. In addition to the Frothing, water damage and other seasonal jobs, work daily to implement the responsibility system segment lump sum, maintenance equipment including two-wheeled carts, buckets, shovels, picks and other simple conservation construction tools, has raised sections only meet in a three-way flat , Ping Road, close several roads to traffic. In 1973, the Ministry of Transportation for the first time issued a "road construction residue conservation technical specifications," asphalt concrete to give small-scale application, but people travel still in the "sunny one soil, wet mud" state, when off road access through. In 1974, the first time in Pinggu penetration asphalt pavement, road construction conserve the emergence of new turning point. In 1983, loaders, excavators, pavers and other construction machinery are widely applied to routine maintenance and minor repairs and maintenance, and road maintenance in a semi-manual, semi-mechanical state.</p>
<p>        Early 2000s, Pinggu road maintenance management job significantly enhance the level of mechanization, large and medium road repair and routine maintenance operations to achieve full mechanization. Conservation Road class from a single conservation developed into a road inspections, maintenance, emergency support for the conservation of one of the specialized road courses to improve the conservation of aging, affecting road travel pits and other diseases to achieve 24-hour fast repair mechanism, improve the road service level and capacity for economic and social development Pinggu solid and effective protection.<br>
<p>        As of 2015, a total of Pinggu city, county and village-level roads approximately 1680 km, of which, by the Bureau Pinggu Highway custody or above the county roads 527.49 kilometers.</p>

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