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 <p> How old thinking and new ideas seamlessly? How to keep these people in various ways? How in the flooring industry so that they can play their maximum energy value? imported eco decking These efforts will be in this war for talent, the floor enterprises have to consider the topic. Flooring business must face. Chinese flooring industry decisive Development Forum ", invite you to participate in this forum to explore the process of elaboration:! </p>
<p>Nature of the floor flooring brand director many companies are emerging to attract talent, we said before, with the flooring industry, building materials industry is relatively low threshold first we talk about the 2022 development trend of flooring industry, flooring industry, or a spring recruits, wood polymer composite pallet a successful business I think the main talent, because I have been in the floor for so many years, many companies have experienced, outstanding business success are successful talent of the spring is concerned, </p>
<p>I think the talent we have been doing very detailed. Usually a new employee to our business, to let him into the workshop to learn, be familiar with wood flooring production every process, so that they in the workshop at least three months time to learn basic things better,australia outdoor decking retailers  or go out and customers say for sure. natural flooring brand director as the nature of this business. </p>
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