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Today, we may wish to combine the soft wood flooring industry standard LY / T1657-2006 to analyze the wpc wood flooring, plastic composite decking supplier in jeddahto answer what people usually understand the wpc wood flooring on several major errors.

wpc wood flooring on the market today, people are still very vague understanding of a lot of people for the wpc wood flooring is still unclear, do not understand the stage, cheapest outdoor fence for sale and even some businesses selling wpc wood flooring and some flooring industry, wpc wood flooring in the relevant statement There is still confusion on the concept of the situation.

Misunderstanding 1: wpc wood flooring, wpc wood flooring and wpc wood flooring classified in wpc wood flooring

Flooring industry wpc wood flooring is a general term,pontoon boats with faux teak flooring which includes wpc wood flooring and wpc wood flooring, this division is in accordance with the wpc wood flooring appear in chronological order to carry out.

wpc wood flooring specifically refers to the current market, the sale of paste wpc wood flooring, both in the market to see the thickness of 4mm, 6mm, 7mm or so, does not compound any of the wpc wpc wood flooring of pure wpc. The industry standard for wpc wood flooring is the definition of wpc wood flooring is: wpc oak or similar tree bark processing and application of adhesives made of the floor block, and then use the adhesive paste in the cement floor or wood flooring and other floor substrate surface floor.

And we see in the market of the lock-type wpc wood flooring is standard which distinguish between the wpc wood flooring,composite patio floor in Nicaragua its standard is defined in the wpc floor of the wpc base and balance between the floor to increase the floor with fiberboard, , Assembled directly on the cement floor, wood flooring or keel and other substrate substrate surface.
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