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1, floor consumption habits change

In the European market, three solid wood flooring products in the floor of the proportion of consumption has been more than 80%. In China, due to market conditions and other factors, three solid wood flooring started late. Since the 1990s,   Composite Dock Panelsthree solid wood flooring industry has entered a period of rapid development, since 2003, three-layer solid wood flooring domestic market to more than 50% of the rapid growth of three-tier solid wood flooring has become China's wood flooring industry-led One of the products. As the three-tier solid wood flooring with elegant style and warm, stable performance and other advantages, coupled with the holy elephant as the introduction of the Nordic wind three layers of solid wood flooring by young people generally like the floor consumption habits have been quietly from the "solid wood" More stylish and easy to install three-tier solid wood.

2, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring inherent defects

Solid wood flooring has a good sense of foot,  toronto composite wood supplierscan be a good adjustment of the indoor temperature, especially pure wood flooring is made of pure natural wood processing, giving a return to nature, anti-Pu Guizhen feel, the disadvantage is the high price. Because it is natural wood, there is a greater chance of deformation cracking, in order to maintain the pattern of logs, the surface can not do too hard and too thick paint, so the use must always be careful, care should also be very cautious before they can. The enhanced floor in the price is very favorable, high wear factor, the bar is the ideal type of public places such as floor.  composite flooring for balcony But the use of the feet at home is very poor, and no solid wood as generous. The three-tier solid wood flooring is a combination of the performance advantages of both, not only can be nice, comfortable feet, can also be disassembly and maintenance, easy maintenance, very suitable for modern living habits.

3, the inevitable trend of environmental protection

Compared with solid wood flooring, three-layer solid wood flooring can make better use of wood raw materials. Three-layer solid wood flooring of the core board and backplane is usually selected with moderate quality, good elastic fast-growing material,   Composite Railing Pricesand the surface of high-quality combination of hardwood, foot feel comfortable. The table is usually wear-resistant, precious wood. In addition, the three-layer structure, less glue, the use of environmentally friendly plastic, environmental performance products. In addition, three solid wood flooring is reasonable, is conducive to sustainable and rational use of resources.
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 <p> In order to further reduce formaldehyde pollution, many businesses such as Shengshi, macro-resistant, Kangcai have launched water deduction floor,composite flooring products that simulate teak and holly  the installation of the basic principles are no longer using the traditional glue to install, but in the production process, the floor Add a layer of environmental protection at the interface of water-soluble solid glue. </p>
<p>As is the automatic production line processing, the glue is very evenly dense coating, in the installation, no additional glue.cheap outdoor waterproof flooring Sometimes just gently apply some water to the interface can activate the glue, you can achieve a solid bonding the floor. </p>
<p>But experts advise,outdoor wood plastic decking the current market in Xi'an so-called "water gusset plate" more, but in the selection process the best look for well-known brands, so as not to be taken.outdoor flooring over plywood  The introduction of solid wood feet soft cork mute floor, so that the flooring market competition has entered a new stage. And last year's price war, this year, more manufacturers to strengthen the floor playing the quality of well-known brand.</p>
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composite wood flooring technology performance indicators are many,  Waterproof Wpc Municipal Benches in the choice of the general main consideration of the following three factors: the number of wear-resistant, formaldehyde content and swelling thickness of the water absorption. Understand the purchase of knowledge will be easier to choose the right wooden floor.
composite wood flooring technology performance indicators are many, in the choice of the general main consideration of the following three factors: the number of wear-resistant, formaldehyde content and swelling thickness of the water absorption. Understand the purchase of knowledge will be easier to choose the right wooden floor.  Rubber Outdoor Tiles FranceWear-resistant rotation is an important indicator of composite wood flooring. Objectively speaking, the higher the number of wear-resistant, the service life should be longer, but the level of wear-resistant revolving floor is not the only measure of the useful life of the only standard.
In general, the wear resistance of composite wood flooring turn to 10,000 to better, less than 1 million turn products, in use 1 to 3 years after the damage may occur in varying degrees.
Formaldehyde content of a consumer attention has not been the target, so many consumers in the construction of the pungent smell puzzled by the phenomenon, this phenomenon is caused by excessive formaldehyde content. According to European standards, every 100 grams of floor formaldehyde content of not more than 9 mm, or failure, so this indicator is related to our choice of products is harmful to the body of a key indicator.
 High Quality Decking Floor SectionThe thickness of water swelling indicators within 3% as qualified, or the floor in the face of wet or high humidity, otherwise the floor in the face of humidity or high humidity, coupled with the surrounding environment when the assembly lax case It will occur muster, deformation, affecting the normal use.
Experts remind consumers to buy composite wood flooring, you should carefully ask the different grades of composite wood flooring between the difference, after delivery should check the code on the packaging is consistent.   Plastic Wood Effect Tongue and GrooveAt present, it is noteworthy that some dealers on the market in the promotion of composite wood flooring on the exaggerated, even to the extent of more and more outrageous.
Such as wood flooring surface rotation number advertised 3 million -5 million turn. In fact, the number of wear-resistant composite flooring is an index to strengthen the high number of revolutions can only show that the wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide content, but the wooden floor of the other physical properties may not be qualified, such as stain resistance, Resistance to chemical corrosion, comfort and so on. Usually wear to 6,000 rpm turn has been able to fully meet the needs of consumers, too high is useless.
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?In recent years, with the continuous development of the flooring industry, the flooring market, the product type has been continuously enriched.  How To Attach 4x4 Post To Side Of Retaining WallAt the same time, white-hot competition in the market also gave birth to more flooring companies need to create new products to differentiate the competitive advantage. Among them, anti-static wood flooring as nowadays the development momentum of the market is relatively strong products, and gradually attracted more and more attention to the flooring business. Anti-static wood flooring market to become the focus of the floor

In recent years, the development of China's high-tech industry is very strong momentum,  paneling that looks like planksa little large units have begun to build their own data processing center, computer room, monitoring room, central control room. In addition, electronic components, semiconductors, integrated circuits,  build plastic garden fencealso will be rapid development. As these industries are relatively high environmental requirements, a variety of specifically for these environmental requirements in line with the health of building materials also will be generated.

Anti-static wood flooring, as the name implies, is specifically for the need for anti-static environment used in a floor.  Composite Tongue And Groove Porch Flooring Materials CostBecause it can effectively dissipate the charge, hence the name. With the development of high-tech industries, anti-static wood flooring demand is also increasing.
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 <p> Recently, the Sino-foreign joint venture Zhejiang World Friends of Wood Co., Ltd. spent huge sums of money after two years of research and development,soft outdoor flooring with super scratch-resistant performance of the titanium crystal surface super-flooring market in China.</p>
<p> The world's first to use the floor of the Friends of the unique anti-titanium nano-crystal technology, leading the global flooring industry,wood and plastic flooring Supplier breaking the traditional floor can not scratch the technical bottlenecks to fill the wood flooring industry technology gaps, eliminating the consumer worries.</p>
<p> According to the World Friends of R & D Center,composite tongue and groove paneling Dr. Tu Dengyun introduction, with titanium crystal factor titanium crystal nano-paint compared with the hardness of ordinary paint stronger, making the titanium crystal surface super-floor than the general france deck composite access path UV paint the floor more resistant to hard objects impact performance . </p>
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 <p> "Wood products quality supervision Miles - straight wood-based panel, flooring market status" large-scale public interest survey by the China Economic Press Association,affordable wood decking China Forestry Industry Association jointly organized. China Economic Press Association, vice president and secretary-general Hu Ying-huan, said wood products quality supervision Miles activities, the use of public and unannounced visits a combination of wood-based panels.</p>
<p> flooring wholesale market, production enterprises to investigate and interview. As the flooring market this year, attention is not high, in order to attract more consumer attention,no formaldehyde wood fence price flooring business promotion has never stopped. Reporters recently visited a number of flooring market in Guangzhou found that the floor market price promotions are still everywhere. </p>
<p>Although there is no large-scale activities and promotional advertising, but many shopping malls are still introduced very attractive promotional offers.home design balcony flooring Many floor dealers have revealed that, although now from the "Golden Week" has been a long time, but the floor of the concessions has not stopped.</p>
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 <p> After the baptism of the financial crisis in 2008, 2009, Accumulate, when the arrival in 2020 when the flooring industry is facing new expansion and integration.affordable wood plastic composite pavilion in brazil The convening of the Copenhagen Conference and the Central Committee on the 2st release of building materials to the countryside has brought new opportunities for the flooring industry.</p>
<p> the scarcity of raw materials and the price increase makes the wood manufacturers began to diversify in the development of the 2020 floor industry is not difficult to find,outdoor bench replacement parts Just six months between the floor industry has issued a lot of sound.ebay window box planters used World Flooring Conference to the entire flooring industry in 2020 injected a lot of fresh blood, and with the World Expo held on low-carbon consumers.</p>
<p>the desire for environmental protection once again reached a new high, and enterprises have begun to leveraging power to launch Expo marketing. Brand flooring industry in the mid - inventory: brand marketing to open a new era of the industry and a simple review of the first half of 2020,wood cladding exterior walls dubai the flooring industry, brand marketing seems to have become a new wave of industry. </p>
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