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From the point of view of the trend in recent years, along with science and technology and to further improve the standard of living, in addition to the quality of consumer everlasting pursuit, the environmental protection has increasingly become a hot topic since the glue-free flooring installation and maintenance convenience, more important is its environmental protection has become a new direction of the global flooring industry.
From the point of view of the trend in recent years, along with science and technology and to further improve the standard of living, in addition to the quality of consumer everlasting pursuit, the environmental protection has increasingly become a hot topic since the glue-free flooring installation and maintenance convenience, more important is its environmental protection has become a new direction of the global flooring industry. Glue-free installation that is in the case of floor-mounted suspension can no longer use adhesive glue, glue-free installation to achieve is to rely on some manufacturing technology transformation achieved.
First, you can glue-free installation of the floor lock buckle design and occlusal precision demanding, which requires quality floor substrate and workability to achieve high-precision solid density and effect.
Second, the floor must be carried out free plastic buckle and tight around the floor of the four sides of the moisture barrier process, so that after the locking buckle body after cutting four sides and was sealed tight, even if there is moisture or accidental flooding As long as the timely processing of the products are not affected.
Glue-free installation can increase the speed of construction, while eliminating the need to clean up after construction glue floor surface link.
Floor coverings is public business and consumer issues of common concern, and how to effectively save the floor pavement become a headache, along with this, to come out free plastic floor flooring industry.

Therefore, in the selection of the floor, environmentally friendly and waterproof, glue-free, truly easy to install and maintain products and services.

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Currently, the entire floor brutal competition in the market has become an indisputable fact, flooring companies in this industry is also faced with natural background adjustment. Throughout the current flooring market, companies want in a complex competitive environment to win the development, it is also facing challenges in many aspects. On the transformational change has become the trend of the flooring market, companies are still to achieve change from the marketing of products starting from it?

At present, many companies are stuck in the city floor lowest level of production levels. For them, the production and sales of products is the most important. In order to improve performance in these two areas, they will be in production efficiency, the price of some effort in order to achieve a breakthrough on the amount. They believe that low-end products can quickly return the funds, and the market demand, sales faster. However, this model is very small profit margins. In fact, this practice is not simply for quantity of science, can not enhance quality and strength fundamentally. Extensive mode of production will directly lead to a greater consumption of resources, product quality is difficult to guarantee, real economic benefits is very low.

In recent years, the domestic market is saturated flooring, flooring business development is limited by the large economic environment. Product upgrades almost become an important weapon in many flooring company out of the crisis, the importance of product upgrades obvious. Faced with economic difficulties in recent years, some companies first select product upgrading and restructuring to cope with the crisis, the crisis will have an organic holding the mentality, the first accepted Internet thinking, will upgrade from the traditional business model to the Internet type, to accommodate more progress of the market economy.

If the product upgrade is a hard floor enterprise reform, then the changes in marketing thinking is that companies dominate the market circuitous road. Compared to product upgrades, changes in marketing thinking enterprises are more able to better direct sales profits. It seems that in numerous market development, enterprises should pay attention to the floor changes in marketing thinking, the market actively.

Wang was one of the terminal is a local flooring company magic beyond multinational corporations. But with the changes in market competition environment, the terminal was the dominant king in marketing model reduction, and product and brand weaknesses highlighted. No brand pull, no product strength, co-brand power, completely against the terminal sales, companies lack of real competition. This requires shift from price competition theory of product differentiation and brand competition, we want to create differentiated products that consumers can not resist, through brand integration to drive channels. Marketing model from a single terminal for the king-to-end product, brand interaction and effective collaboration.

Therefore, for the flooring business, in the current competitive market, companies want contrarian breakthrough, you need to connect markets in the nature of the work to proceed, only from reality, the floor in order to win more business in the future intense competition in the market for the long-term development.

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1, stone flooring: natural stone floors should avoid direct contact with the surface of acid chemicals. Granite or terrazzo plate surface can be rinsed with water, but preferably dry marble slab surface drag, even when wet and it is not dragging water spray or brush.
2, solid wood flooring: First mop the floor surface to remove dust, and then follow the instructions and the ratio of the degree of dirt floor cleaner, diluted detergent, wet mop. Note, however, to try to wring the mop to prevent excess moisture from penetrating into the wood floor in the layer, causing mildew, rot.
3, plastic floor: cleaning agents, water and glial easy from a chemical reaction, causing the floor surface unglued or tilt phenomenon. With ink, soup, when oil stains, dilute soapy water wipe generally available, as also wipe without a net, a small amount of gasoline can also be used to gently wipe the stain until removed.

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Laminate flooring compared with wood floors, its easier for the average consumer acceptance in terms of price, but also because of its wear-resistant, rich in style, anti-pollution, easy care, etc., in the current market popular with consumers welcome. But for the average consumer, laminate flooring variety, quality and uneven, at the time of purchase is necessary to discriminate floor quality is good or bad, but also to select their own ideal floor, is a very troublesome on the market things, in fact, buy laminate flooring is very simple, the following will set out for you when you need to pay attention to a few selected laminate flooring in several aspects:

1, the content of formaldehyde. This is a relationship to our selection of products harmful to the body if key indicators, but can easily be overlooked by consumers. National standard, laminate flooring formaldehyde emission limits required to achieve e1 level that formaldehyde emission less than or equal to 1.5mg / l (desiccator method). This is a basic requirement, in line with this standard products are safe to use in an indoor environment. At present, the international use of a higher environmental performance standards e0 level that formaldehyde emission less than equal to 0.5mg / l.
2, laminate flooring wear value is one of the most important indicators of laminate flooring, laminate flooring is to determine the maximum service life variables. Laminate flooring wear layer thickness is good or bad is not to be measured, but in every square meter of aluminum oxide content and purity identified. GB provides that the family use the floor wear level required to achieve ac3 level (greater than or equal to 6000), public places must reach ac4 level (greater than or equal 9000 rpm). Wear higher the level, the floor surface is not easy to scratch, the longer the life of the floor also.
3. Strengthening the thickness and quality of the floor. Currently on the market floor thickness is generally from 6 to 12 mm, in general, in the purchase of the floor, to buy the thicker thickness of the floor, the life of its use will be longer, but also according to the actual needs of home improvement buy. The weight of the floor depends on the density of the substrate. Base and determines the stability of various indicators, impact resistance of the floor, so the substrate, the better, the higher the density, the more weight the floor.
4, the expansion of the floor after absorbing the index is generally less than 3% can be regarded as qualified, or in the face of moisture, or humidity is relatively high, the case surrounding Mifengbuyan floor deformation phenomena occur affect the normal use of the floor.
5. In addition, before buying acquire two floors of the model were assembled about, look after the assembly floor is neat, tight.
6, laminate flooring service is not negligible factor. Because the floor is different from other products, even if it is finished and semi-finished products, and only until laying is complete, consumers can enjoy. Strictly speaking, after-sales service, from the installation of the floor at that time began, when the laying of the floor if the workers are not professional, not according to standardized operations, such as, most likely due to construction problems caused by quality problems, and finally lead to unnecessary disputes. Therefore, installation and service of laying quality is good or bad, the floor is a guarantee of quality.

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<p>Recently, located in the Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang Ancient Town interview, the author of "industrial cluster" concept with a deeper understanding of: less than 110,000 people in the southern town, within two years, the emergence of a more than 300 different sizes of wood low cost outdoor wall panel flooring business, their products account for about 20% -30% share of the domestic market, as well as some of the products to meet the needs of the international market.  </p>
<p>Why is there such "accumulation effect" mean? Nanxun Flooring Association president Jiang Xuelin that the sustained and stable economic growth and support the national industrial policy, in particular the rapid development of the country economically developed eastern coastal areas of real estate, and continues to heat up home decoration and decoration, are provided for the development of wood floor good market environment. Meanwhile, more than 100 kilometers away from Shanghai Nanxun facilitate timber imports and exports wood shades composite fence panel floor. "As competition intensifies, flooring industry is actually a thin profit industries continue to go, so the challenges these companies face is to continue to merger integration." In fact, since the 1990s, China flooring industry has not stopped such an adjustment. Now the number of domestic flooring manufacturers fell from its peak from the peak of more than 5,000 to more than 1,500 now.  </p>
<p>National Timber Circulation Association, vice chairman Professor Gao Zhihua told reporters: "With the deepening of market-oriented reform, consolidation will continue; the ideal state is to appear truly international competitiveness of 15-30 well-known wpc decking producers in germany flooring companies." Gao that the quantity is not a good thing, the key is to be able to appear a few Chinese in the world are capable of famous brand. The industry believes that the current Chinese flooring industry has taken a solid step to the international market. </p>
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