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<p>Although the color-added flooring is now flooding the market, this is actually the reason why the Chinese flooring industry is unhealthy. After the coloring floor is paved, it will not be easy to use if it is prone to cracking, blasting and other problems after a while. Buy the floor should pay attention to the notch and thickness, the standard thickness of the floor <a href="http://wpcpvcproducts.com/blog/ecological-polymer-flooring-material.html">Ecological Polymer Wood Flooring Is Popular Home Material</a> should be 18mm. However, at present, the market is mostly 17.5mm, and many people think that this is only 0.05mm. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong.</p><p> Once paved, there will be many problems. Therefore, in order to avoid such a phenomenon in the decoration of the living room, it is necessary to first look at the floor when buying the floor to see if the texture of the floor is clear and there is color <a href="http://wpcpvcproducts.com/application/right-deck-railing-you.html">The Right Deck Railing For You,Anti Insect Railing Used In Terrace </a> difference. Regarding the notch, the national standard is 3.5-4mm, and everyone can know by measuring it on site. Pay attention to the paint on the surface. Now there are two kinds of paints on the floor market: pu paint and uv paint.</p><p> When buying the floor, be sure to ask about the type of paint. As for the uv paint, it is divided into two types: ordinary bright-faced uv paint and roller-painted uv paint. The uv paint needs to be waxed frequently. Its life is generally 2 to 3 years, and the roller coating is just another type of uv paint. Process, matte effect, the surface <a href="http://wpcpvcproducts.com/blog/timbertech-plastic-product.html">Trex,Timbertech,Seven Trust Brand Wood Plastic Product Price</a> is pockmarked, so it is necessary to distinguish well. Recognize the name of the floor No matter what floor you buy, be sure to let the manufacturer write the name of the floor on the invoice and sales slip. This can also prevent being deceived. Once you find a problem with the name, you can double the claim to the buyer. </p><p>This is one of the aspects to be vigilant about the decoration of the living room. Don't buy a branded product. Nowadays, many floors are not factory-owned. Some just register a brand, then get a certain manufacturer to process, and then pack their own brand, which is terrible. This can not grasp the quality of the product, and there is a problem, the merchant will most likely shirk responsibility, leading to our consumers <a href="http://wpcpvcproducts.com/blog/what-pvc-foam-board.html">What Is A Pvc Foam Board,Pvc Foam Fireproof Indoor Board</a> are very toss. Therefore, we must buy regular, well-known, and cost-effective brand products.</p>
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<p>The thickness of the decorative panel can reach three centimeters. It is a super-thin veneer with a thickness of 0.2 mm. The inner layer is made of sheet metal. The decorative sheet with single-sided decorative <a href="http://wpcpvcproducts.com/project/economy-decking-products-norway.html">Low Carbon Economy Decking Products Norway</a> effect is made by the adhesive process. Decorative panels are a high-end finishing material that is currently different from blending practices. Blockboard is generally called the large core board in the industry. It uses two veneers on the outside, and uses wood trim in the middle to compress and splicing the wood.</p><p> This kind of wallboard material has strong bending resistance in the lateral direction of the <a href="http://wpcpvcproducts.com/advice/joist-when-building-deck.html">Use Joist Tape When Building a Deck</a> core material. However, the resistance to bending in the vertical direction is very weak, so its price will be lower than that of the thin core plate. Fiber density board fiber density board is made of wood fiber, commonly known as sawdust as the main material. The artificial board made of urea-formaldehyde resin and some other chemical additives is divided into high-density board, medium-density board and low-density board according to its density. . MDF is also easy to rework due to its soft and impact resistant properties. In foreign countries, MDF is a good material for making furniture, but because the national standards for height plates are several times lower than international standards, the quality of MDF use in China needs<a href="http://wpcpvcproducts.com/blog/waterproof-exterior-artificial.html">Buy Waterproof Exterior Artificial Brick Boards,Buy Waterproof Polymer Board</a> to be improved.</p>
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