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Collection features: This copper stove 10 cm high, mouth diameter 9.5 cm, two double-headed ears on both sides of the furnace body, each ear have a ring. The shaft is brown in tone. The bottom of the regular script "Ming dynasty Xuande system."
Relevant Background Information: The Ming Dynasty Xuande copper incense burner is produced during the peak period, the Xuande furnace produced by the exquisite choice of materials, exquisite workmanship, simple and elegant style, was very precious. Xuande stove rich in color, it is based on fuchsia, brown, green, green, red, blue, yellow, white, gold and dozens of colors. Furnace structure by the furnace ears, shaft, stove foot three parts. Stoves are: elephant ear, lion ear, ring ear, etc., are placed in pairs on both sides of the shaft. Thickness of the furnace wall, there is a heavy feeling in the hand; section of the norms of dignified norms, mostly at the bottom of the furnace. According to records: Xuande furnace only cast in Xuande three years, a total of 5000, after the closure of the furnace is not cast. As Xuande copper crown crown the world, so a lot of imitation later generations, but no matter how imitation, its color, copper and the real Xuande furnace far.
Expert Comment: This is a hearth furnace. The characteristic of this furnace is that it is not particularly large in size, but it looks very special. This shape is very simple, the color of this is a chestnut color, just like the color chestnut skin, if these two stoves together, just as the Sun said that is a kind of study with a play, A furnace gives the impression that it feels a bit like the kind of ladylike, it is relatively calm; a little second home stove a little jasper beauty, very beautiful, this is currently speaking, although the two furnace is In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, however, it was said that these two ovens were top-grade commodities in the mid-Qing period. Most of the products we can see in the market are mostly imitations since the middle of the Qing dynasty. Of course, for these imitation ovens, there is a very high The value of the collection.

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Concrete pump truck is the use of pressure to convey concrete along the pipeline continuous machinery. Consists of pump body and delivery pipe. According to the structure is divided into piston type, squeeze type, hydraulic diaphragm type. Pump body mounted on the chassis of the car, and then equipped with telescopic or inflatable fabric rod, to form a pump.
Concrete pump trucks are reconstructed from the chassis of a truck. They are equipped with kinematic and power transmissions, pumping and mixing devices, fabricating devices, and other assistive devices. The power of the concrete pump truck transmits the power of the engine to the hydraulic pump group or the rear axle through the power transfer case, and the hydraulic pump pushes the piston to drive the concrete pump to work. Then use the pump truck cloth rods and pipes, concrete will be transported to a certain height and distance.
Concrete pump electric control system control methods are mainly five kinds of mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical electrical control, programmable logic controller, logic control. Concrete pump truck in addition to installing electrical control system to complete the control tasks, but also install a manual control system, which is also part of the control system. If the use of mechanical manipulation, generally have rod-type control mechanism and flexible shaft control mechanism in two ways. If you compare the two is not difficult to find that the flexible shaft control mechanism has more advantages, such as flexible layout, high transmission efficiency, less transition joints and the free travel is small, convenient travel adjustment, so the concrete pump truck operating system Mainly choose the flexible shaft control mechanism.
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<p>Sound-absorbing cotton is a very technologically sound and cost-effective noise reduction solution. It is made of high-pressure polyester fiber. With people's growing desire for a comfortable living <a href="http://woodlandphils.com/finland/3529-how-to-attach-pvc-roof-panels-to-a-pergola.html">how to attach pvc roof panels to a pergola</a> environment, sound-absorbing cotton began to enter the home as a wall structure to meet the needs of creating a tranquil environment. Sound absorption principle: Sound-absorbing cotton is through the sound waves in the polyester fiber to reflect back and forth to achieve noise reduction, sound-absorbing effect.</p> <p>Sound-absorbing cotton itself easily fouling, poor quality sound-absorbing cotton formaldehyde content is excessive, or contain other pollution components, please be careful selection of qualified products. Recommendation: The sound-absorbing cotton laid to the professional <a href="http://ecodeck.info/best/2095.html">building a floating deck on uneven ground</a> sound-absorbing cotton usually 50mm thickness, industrial products are usually 1 m �� 1 m, or 1 m �� 2 m specifications. According to the requirements of customers fire plastic or cut, washed into any shape. Usually divided into whole house sound-absorbing cotton and single wall laying, a variety of special types of sound-absorbing cotton - with flame retardant, conductive, thermal insulation and other requirements of cotton sound slightly expensive.</p> <p> Experts remind the appropriate background sound to help people have done a soundproof, silenced room, you can always open the window breathable and bass playing some soft music, both to suppress the noise of the outside world, but also create a moderate sound, warm and comfortable indoor surroundings. Office and other occasions can also play some background music, can ease the work of tension and improve efficiency. Psychologists advise people to strive to <a href="http://woodlandphils.com/norway/307-porch-decking-replacing.html">porch decking replacing</a> eliminate noise in their homes as well as to maintain a moderately sound environment so that they can truly be healthy.</p>
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Benefits to take Cumbrian elite jersey China manufacturing area spice manageable maintain onPresence to take Cumbrian manufacturer speed in hand continue to persistAn announcement publicized basically SIS pitch claimed: Not a chance most people becoming hurt active along at the blaze for you are perpetual police arrest research into the reason for the fireplace.All border manufacturing plant, Which usually releases the manufactured pitch, Was untouched and continues developing as typical,Bryn shelter, Working with movie representative most typically associated with SIS pitch, Celebrity fad: Our biggest the main ageda is the protection and then well being wellness your office people the particular belonging to the of area the hearth are prohibited happy nobody which usually is ordinarilyseriously damaged.Associated with us self-importance themselves on our ideal basic programs and you will be using a full inquiry into the explanation for the hearth.The occurrence already been enclosed with one option and all the other SIS pitch hospitals are produced in full process,Police arrest cleared hometown health care clinics whilst deck hands with eight spice motor combined with an airborne corporate operating system reviewed generally blaze.Readers are being diverted and methods for people to get to Workington faraway brought on by Maryport is the Dearham way.Readers are secured in the Broughton Moor not to mention Seaton.Lindsay lohan considered that: Might dismayed to read about the huge blaze in Maryport today to were going to give thanks to the hearth platform criminal court Cumbria for her brilliant initiative dealing with in trying to keep the blaze travelers comfortable,Next to 5.10pm, Spokesperson to have Cumbria spice and then relief told me: Firefighters are generally on-going and undertake the repair elite jerseys of my blaze. This amazing episode is supposed to continue for a short time,Some A596 route shut down somewhere around Flimby and consequently Maryport. That gust has recently fanned fire.A good amount of instruments near by are at risk. The warmth are astounding.Fire trucks are complications arriving at the hearth and would like a method of getting water quite a few,Relationship search applications possess see the harbour to populate with water to bout the fire.High-risk workers at Fearons general contractors, Which relies near to SIS, Have been completely cheap mlb jersey China known by names like from the part times flare chiefs to push diesel maintained next to an property.Emergency business are nevertheless counseling anyone downwind within the odor plume you will be staying inside your own home and thus save windows barred.

Jana Grmusa : Fits comfortably, and keeps the light out. I can sleep much longer with it. A++

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