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In 1995, the strengthening of wood flooring just to market, the thickness of only 6 mm. In the ensuing years, 8 mm wood flooring has dominated the market. In recent years, increasing the thickness of wood flooring, and now 12 mm wood floor into the mainstream,outdoor patio floor cheap the market has emerged 13 mm, 15 mm thick wood flooring. This industry trend for many consumers have the illusion: buy wood flooring is very important to pay attention to the thickness of wood that the thicker the more weight, it is more solid, more durable, the quality of nature will be better. Is this really the case?

"In fact, like a thick plate and sheet, the surface can not be used once the wear and tear, so the quality of the wood floor surface, largely related to the life of wood flooring, rather than the thickness of the board." Mr Wong said the industry , Affecting the quality of solid wood floor is not the determinants of the thickness of the consumer to buy solid wood floor, the key depends on the manufacturers of materials and technology level.

Insiders warned that in the case of the same price, would rather buy the brand wood flooring 8 mm wood floor, do not buy no-name 12 mm wood floor, "looks thick,Plastic Roof Tiles For Sheds but because of the huge differences in cost, process and production technology, No-name plate thick plate of life may not be as long as the big brand. "

Wood the harder the better

Experts, strengthen the wooden floor of the substrate density, the greater the mechanical properties, the higher the impact resistance, so the side is even more anti-percussion, but not the greater the better density. Under the same conditions, composite resin lake dock the substrate density is high, the greater the swelling rate of water absorption, the dimensional stability of the poor, the case of water easily deformed tide. At the same time, hardness, poor toughness, foot feeling uncomfortable.

"Relief" wood floor more wear

At present, most of the wood flooring brands have launched a bump texture "relief" wood flooring,Prefab Wood Panels For Decks the pursuit of wood floor more primitive, simple effect, favored by many consumers. Recently, the reporter visited the wood flooring market, found that some businesses in the introduction of "relief" wooden floor, will be linked with the degree of wear and tear, and some businesses said, "relief" wood floor surface done very deal, Than ordinary wood floor wear; or as "bump texture to increase wear resistance" and so on.

For the market selling the "big relief", "small relief", "relief experts" and "relief surface" and other wood flooring, experts point out that these are mostly useless. Because the wear-resistant wood flooring is the most important indicators, in its surface for a variety of carved, is bound to greatly reduce the wear resistance of wood flooring, reducing processing accuracy, and easy to filth, so that the use of quality greatly reduced. Consumers to buy, not simply the pursuit of surface effects, ignoring the life of goods and maintenance of trouble.

Wood flooring trough the more the better

12 mm wood floor and 8 mm wood floor in the appearance of the biggest difference is 12 mm wood flooring more than a slot, more solid wood flooring pavement effect. But the market, some businesses introduced wood flooring slot, said the "more shallow the better." The reason is that wood flooring groove is not easy to filth, easy care. Moreover, the wooden floor trough shallow, step on the wooden floor of the foot feeling is better than the deep groove of the wood floor.

Experts correct that the depth of the wooden floor trough is the production process, directly related to the interface between the board and board, as long as the wooden floor buckle was solid, the depth of the wooden floor trough is not a big problem. Now the wood floor trough is divided into V-groove and U-groove, each pros and cons.
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<p>Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Elliot Kaye (Elliot Kaye), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Thomas Friden (Thomas Frieden) how much does it cost to water a square foot and the Federal Trade Commission Chairman Edith Ramirez (Edith Ramirez). Nelson in the letter called on them to investigate the floor from China, to confirm whether it is harmful to public health.</p>

<p>In Nelson's Office released a statement, he said that if the investigation confirmed that these floor containing formaldehyde exceed the standard, then it should be withdrawn cushion flooring wpc pallets from the public in a timely manner. "Because it will affect the lives of millions of families, we urgently need to know the answer as soon as possible".</p>

<p> The sale of these floors of the timber company issued a statement 4 days, said it also has the responsibility to ensure that the sale of the floor is safe. The statement said,china exterior tiles design "we are also like Senator Nelson, eager to know whether the safety of this wood, over the past few years, we have been actively and California Air Resources Board and the environmental protection agency.</p>
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Wood flooring is the use of high-grade bamboo, the strict selection,  Fencing Material Costs Or Pricesproduction, bleaching, curing, dehydration, pest control, corrosion and other processes after processing, and then by high temperature, high-pressure hot glue surface into the surface of decorative materials. Maintenance methods are as follows:
1, to maintain indoor ventilation and dry environment
Regularly to maintain indoor ventilation, can make the floor of the chemical substances as much as possible volatilization,  plastic lumber composit sheetrow outdoors, but also can make the indoor humid air and outdoor exchange. Especially in the long-term no one living, maintenance of the case, the indoor ventilation is more important. Common practice is: often open the windows or doors, so that air convection, or the use of air-conditioning systems and ventilation systems, thereby creating a dry and clean indoor environment.
2, to avoid sun exposure and rain water
Some of the house sun or rain directly into the room from the windows of the local area, which will harm the wood floor. The sun will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue,  Cost of Synthetic Plastic Roofbut also cause the floor of the shrinkage and cracking. After the rain is wet, the bamboo absorbs the water to cause the expansion to distort, the serious also can cause the floor to mold. So in daily use to pay special attention to.
3, to avoid damage to the floor surface
Wood flooring paint floor is the decorative layer, but also the floor of the protective layer, therefore, should avoid the impact of hard objects, sharp objects scratches, metal friction, chemicals can not be stored indoors. In addition, the indoor furniture in the handling, moving should be handled with care, furniture, foot pad should be put rubber skin. Public places, should be covered in the main channel carpet.
4, the correct cleaning care
In the course of daily use, should always clean the floor, to keep the ground clean and sanitary. Supplier for Plastic Flooring for Goats Philippines Cleaning, you can first use a clean broom to dust and debris sweep, and then wring the water wiping cloth wipe, such as the area is too large, you can wash the cloth mop, and then hang up dripping water droplets, used to Drag the ground. Can not be washed with water, can not use a wet cloth or mop to clean up. Usually if there is watery material spilled on the ground, should be immediately wipe dry with a dry cloth.
If conditions allow, you can also play a layer of time interval between floor wax to strengthen the protection of the floor. If there is damage to the paint surface, you can use their own ordinary varnish or make up on the manufacturers to repair.
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