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<p>November 2011, the US Department of Commerce announced the final set tax rates: the combined tax rate 78 Chinese enterprises involved in the floor does not exceed 5% of the respondent companies did not participate in the collection of anti-dumping duties of sound insulation composite decking 58.84 percent and 26.73 percent countervailing duty, the combined tax rate of up to 85.57%, which means that they will be forced to withdraw from the US market. </p>

<p>From the US flooring business light weight upper deck floor alliance envisioned punitive tax rate of 242.2%, flooring companies in China to win against the United States "double reverse" trade war, achieved zero anti-dumping duty at the same time, the US economic recovery triggered by the real estate market, and to the floor than the enterprise the original greater market opportunities. In the United States start the "double reverse" Before,lowes plastic bender board  Chinese exports to the US accounted for about one floor very full capacity. </p>

<p>Relevant data show that the "dual" After the start, Chinese exports to the US did not decrease the number of flooring products, exports to the US because of its major products are the United States and the top ten floors to co-operate, high-end products and ODM products, strong US housing market to pick up, so that Chinese exports to the US flooring business outlook cheapest composite fencing Larissa is more optimistic.</p>
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 <p> general manager of Chongqing have said, for fear of too frequent price adjustment bad impression to consumers, so that part of the difference by the vendor internal digestion, until could not carry, only adjusted once the market price. Indonesian composite wood porch floor board spaces policy changes lead to price increases It is understood that this year.</p>
<p>solid wood flooring prices continue to rise is mainly the policy changes by timber exporting countries in Southeast Asia: boat transom composite decking sell many wood flooring business has rejected the purchase price of those "up to be outrageous," the wooden floor. </p>
<p>Consumers can afford consumer Chen said:. wpc decking board on sales "After the wood floor price, but may spend the entire 1000-2000 5-6 million dollars, the total amount of home improvement or even ten million, veranda decking fasteners Nikai A it is still possible accepted. "However, some consumers in order to grab before the price again to buy" relatively cheap "wood floors, some have begun to be booked in advance, or buy home in advance.</p>
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 <p> Meanwhile, laminate flooring is not only warm and natural decorative effect, and abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, plastic wood fence designs flame retardance, impact resistance are better than solid wood flooring. Flooring industry also believe that, due to domestic and foreign control of timber harvesting, timber import restrictions, bench made with composite laminate decking material shortages, rising prices, so that people turn to choose laminate flooring. </p>
<p>Laminate flooring deck furniture white composite lumber encounter competition, limited room for price increases of solid wood flooring. "Three-wood" will become the trend of the traditional solid wood floor will be decreasing in some cities in the south, by the influence of traditional practices, people still prefer wood floors.</p>
<p> According wood finish on outer walls to some of Shanghai's building materials market information provided by the proportion of the public to buy wood and laminate flooring is about 6-4. Solid wood flooring prices impact on the market is not yet great.</p>
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More general phenomenon arising from the use or the floor was tile-like bagging, this is because the floor caused by damp, damp floor generally have the following reasons:

(1) moisture in the air.

(2) floor did not dry, cement reinforced keel.

(3) keel, gross floor too wet.

(4) the use of water-based glue.

(5) on the first floor and other wet environments that do not make a special moisture treatment.

(6) section stone floor meets the floor is not treated as closed.

(7) bubble (such as burst pipes, water intrusion balcony, etc.).

In addition, the product itself and improper construction can also cause bagging. Such as drying, inadequate health, water content is too low, the back channel is too shallow, construction telescopic crevice not leave enough laying too tight and so on.

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  <p>the purchase price advantage to attract consumers laminate flooring has also been some reference standards. China Consumer average price for composite wood flooring  Association and the China National Forest Products Industry Association jointly issued a consumer alert laminate flooring noted that due to the recent strengthening in raw material costs increasing production floor.</p>
<p> the factors product costs, balcony durable composite decking price operating expenses, cost of materials and installation services, it is recommended consumers buy the normal price more than 70 yuan per square meter of laminate flooring.corrugated wood plastic composite panels  According to the reporter, currently on the market in general to strengthen the brand in the floor price per square meter more than 80 yuan. & Nbsp expert advice on the selection of laminate flooring should be the main focus on environmental protection.</p>
<p> required to achieve a European standard. Official said, some consumers herd mentality more serious, solid wood flooring in the square composite decking villa lay only in many countries, is a relatively high-end products, the general's house laying the right carpet is also good.</p>
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