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<p>A new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, its waterproof, high environmental protection and other characteristics are the main points of products based on the market. Wood floor after entering the domestic market has been consumer concern, as consumers continue to enhance the awareness of environmental protection, wood flooring in the flooring market in the future will also become the market mainstream products.</p>

<p>Wood flooring, as the name suggests, is a combination of wood and plastic, both to maintain a feeling of affinity solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture-proof water, acid, antifungal, anti-static, anti-moth properties, wood Another first for the plastic flooring and wood flooring cooperation. The use of wood chips, straw, waste plastic and other waste produced a series of wood-plastic composite material is gradually entering the field of decoration and building. Wood floor into the building materials industry in a new direction, waterproof high environmental protection.</p>

<p>For consumers, private custom outdoor wood plastic composite floor the wood floors are energy-saving and environment-friendly products, not only can control harmful emissions, but also able to do so on the ground waterproof.
<p>For designers, the wood floor of this new material, both natural affinity for wood, and the model, a variety of colors to meet the designer novelty, difference of design requirements.</p>

<p>For decoration company, easy to install, it can greatly reduce the cost of materials during the construction, labor costs and cost schedule. Advantage can improve the project duration vote bid rate, while there are more opportunities to undertake other projects in advance, for enterprises to win more benefits. Product waterproof, moisture, corrosion, deformation features can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the completion of the project.</p>
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Plastic and wood wastes have been a main environmental concern. Cheap,Environmentally Friendly Wood Plastic DeckPlastic is the biggest problem due to its high amount of waste generated, non biodegradability and the fastest depletion of natural resources regarding its short life cycle, therefore increased amount of material utilized in its production, and waste generated. The same applies to wood with lesser degree where it is depleting trees and forests and the wastes mainly are either burned or disposed; resulting in extra consumption, depletion, and pollution of nature.

Several worldwide attempts have been adopted; especially in the developed countries, to take advantage of these types of waste especially with the raised need for alternatives to virgin materials. Wood plastic composite (WPC) is a product which could be obtained from plastic and wood.wpc flower boxes sale environment friendly WPC is a composite with a rapid growing usage consisting of a mixture of wood waste and polymeric material. Many trials of obtaining a WPC product were basically built on the concept of a Cradle to Cradle approach where the material is recycled at the end of its life cycle to produce a Cradle (new) product and thus close the loop and imitate the natural ecosystem. As a consequence, this minimizes the solid waste content and conserve the natural resources. Therefore, costs, energy, and depletion of virgin materials are reduced. In addition, it assures the sustainability over the incoming years for future generations' use.

WPC has become currently an important address of research that gained popularity over the last decade especially with its properties and advantages that attracted researchers such as: high durability, Low maintenance, acceptable relative strength and stiffness, fewer prices relative to other competing materials, and the fact that it is a natural resource. environmental wood plastic composite wall Other advantages have been strength points including: the resistance in opposition to biological deterioration especially for outdoor applications where untreated timber products are not suitable, the high availability of fine particles of wood waste is a main point of attraction which guarantees sustainability, improved thermal and creep performance relative to unfilled plastics where It can be produced to obtain structural building applications including: profiles, sheathings, decking, roof tiles, and window trims. On the other hand, WPCs are not nearly as stiff as solid wood; however, they are stiffer than unfilled plastics. In addition, they do not require special fasteners or design changes in application as they perform like conventional wood .
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<p> �� pollution caused by mold, mildew, berries and leaves due to: the use of sodium hypochlorite
  containing detergents and cleaning agents.  </p>
<p>�� rust and grime: Use cleaning agent containing phosphoric acid, can be bought in home stores and
  hardware stores.  </p>
<p>�� oil pollution: Once contaminated, it is cleaned with a cleaning agent containing degreasing agent.</p>
<p> �� Most of contamination can be removed with a damp cloth to scrub.</p>
<p> �� regularly profiles using the tool to clear debris at the gap, to ensure smooth drainage.  </p>
<p>�� vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to prevent accumulation of sand and other hard objects scratch
  the floor surface.</p>
<p> �� avoid sharp metal, glass, tiles, studs and other hard material is scratch the surface profile.</p>
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Wood Plastic Product </p>
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<p>WPC maintenance and repair </p>
<p> ① pollution caused by mold, mildew, berries and leaves due to: the use of sodium hypochlorite
  containing detergents and cleaning agents.  </p>
<p>② rust and grime: Use cleaning agent containing phosphoric acid, can be bought in home stores and
  hardware stores.  </p>
<p>③ oil pollution: Once contaminated, it is cleaned with a cleaning agent containing degreasing agent.</p>
<p> ④ Most of contamination can be removed with a damp cloth to scrub.</p>
<p> ⑤ regularly profiles using the tool to clear debris at the gap, to ensure smooth drainage.  </p>
<p>⑥ vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to prevent accumulation of sand and other hard objects scratch

  the floor surface.</p>
<p> ⑦ avoid sharp metal, glass, tiles, studs and other hard material is scratch the surface profile.</p>
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At present, with the rapid development of low carbon environmental protection is more, based on the needs of the consumers, the flooring industry will also have the development of a new green environmental protection, which wood plastic floor is such a kind of new environment-friendly wood plastic composite products, which is mainly generated in production, high density fiber board in the process of guaiacol and adding recycled plastics after granulation equipment made of wood plastic composite materials, and then extrusion production group made of wood flooring.

Wood floor or will become the trend

With the increase of people's attention to environmental resources, recycling based economic development model, which is the core of recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste materials, has become the trend of world economic development. Vigorously develop the recycling of resources, will have a profound impact on the national economic development and sustainable development of the environment. While the use of waste plastics and wood fiber production of wood plastic composite products is to adapt to the requirements of the project.

Because the domestic market is still in its infancy, plastic products has not been popularized in large area in the domestic market. Compared to the Chinese market and the North American market, the growth of wood plastic composite materials and manufactured goods there is a considerable space, is expected to domestic wood plastic composite materials market in recent years production will be more than one million tons, the output value of more than 10 billion yuan, and the formation of new wood plastic composite products system.Above ground pool deck design plans

For consumers, the wood floor belongs to the energy saving and environmental protection type products, not only can be a very good control of harmful substances emissions, but also capable of ground of waterproof and dampproof effect. For designers, wood plastic floor, which is a new kind of material, both the affinity of natural wood and types, a variety of color diversity can meet designers and innovative, divergent design requirements.

For decoration companies, wood plastic floor has the advantages of convenient installation, can greatly save construction material cost, labor cost and time cost. Time advantage can not only improve the rate of winning the bid of the project, but also have the opportunity to undertake more other projects ahead of time, to win more benefits for the enterprise. Product waterproof, moisture, corrosion, non deformation characteristics can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the completion of the project.

Wood floor or will have a new development space

"Is expected by the end of 2015, global demand for wood plastic material is expected to exceed 300 million tons, worth up to $6 billion, while China as a world first big wood plastic material producing countries and exporting countries, in which play a very important role. Qin said the dove.Exterior architectural wood panels for sale

It is not difficult to see that the national media to convene a high-profile launch of new products, is intended to vigorously develop the market decoration. It is understood, at present application of wood plastic products of our country mainly stay in outdoor decking and landscape material, while in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, wood plastic material widely used, people can not only see the figure of wood plastic materials in the outdoor villa, pavilions, landscape, municipal facilities and in the field of indoor decoration materials, furniture, floor, wood plastic materials has attracted a lot of consumers welcome.

According to Qin turf, restricting wood plastic materials into indoor decoration field in our country is one of the major factors is the traditional wood materials sensory surface quality is not high enough, if can do "face project, use of wood plastic materials in indoor decoration will be greatly increased. For example, the use of solid wood veneer can be used as flooring, decorative board and the baffle; and melamine film paper composite can be used to make furniture, all kinds of wood, a color pattern on the wood plastic materials, can be used as a decorative board; wood plastic materials can also is made into a door core board materials.

The article resource:http://buywpcdecking.com/buy-wpc-decking/ecological-wood-installation-life-and-defects.html
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I’m certainly not the best FIFA player in the world, but losing a match about the back of a good AI blunder kills so what can otherwise be a tactically-superior method of a match. Simply because really, that’s exactly where FIFA 15 shattered down: AI attention, specifically in support, which sometimes created transition into assault a futile physical exercise.

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