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Preparing Your Home for the Installation of New Hardwood Flooring 1. Move your breakables, electronics, and valuables to an area away from the rooms where we will be working. 2. Remove wall hangings in the rooms having work done, as well as adjacent rooms and areas below. 3. Secure light fixtures and glass globes in the areas below the rooms having wood installed, as these items may become loose due to the vibrations of the installation. 4. Make certain your pets are in a secure area of the house, or take them to a friend or neighbor's house. Cherry Carpet and Flooring will not be responsible if your pet escapes. 5. Although most cutting is takes place outside your home, some cutting, such as the undercutting of door jambs, or removal of existing flooring must be done inside. This may create dust during the installation. [url=http://www.outdoorwallpanel.com/solution/1229.html]pressure treated tounge and groove wood for outdoor use[/url] 6. Make certain to notify someone at Cherry Carpet and Flooring when you purchase your flooring, or the installers before they begin the installation, if your home has had any standing water issues in the weeks before the scheduled installation date. This is important to prevent any wood expansion issues in the future due to water absorption. Even if your floor looks and feels dry it may still be holding excessive moisture, which can be very harmful to the hardwood flooring installed on top of it.[url=http://www.outdoorwallpanel.com/solution/1230.html]how to strip composite wood furnishings[/url] 7. We will need access to a 220 volt receptacle for our sanding equipment. These receptacles are commonly used for dryers and ovens. We ask that these areas be made available to us even if work is not going to be completed in those rooms. 8. We will do all that we can to keep a safe environment while working in your home, but we ask for your assistance with keeping children and pets away from the work areas due to the sharp objects and power tools we must use.
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