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We all know that eco-wood is a use of wood fiber and resin, and a small amount of material extruded polymer made ​​of wood. It has the characteristics of wood in general, but also a good waterproof, decay, corrosion, thermal insulation characteristics. As many eco-wood products production, into the larger production process, so that utility and application areas are greatly enhanced. This one, in the interior, the Eco Wood played a great role.Outdoor composite decking

Especially in the ceiling, walls and other decorative background, traditional materials are mostly complicated installation, and use eco-wood installation saves time and effort, through a short training, through a simple plug can be a lot of installation, and can exhibit a luxurious and elegant effect, highlighting the sense of depth and three-dimensional space. Rich styling effect can be done shaped plane, elevation, surfaces, handrails and the like, to show the space of personalization.marine deck material

In addition, the ecological wood finishing products, but also showing a meticulous detail texture and color texture, and create a wood texture vitality and spiritual affinity ambience. Our new mold out of 156 in the circular plate, combine the European sense of the kind of atmosphere irregular, not only that, ecological wood in space can create a warm and comfortable visual and tactile sensations, and its surface is more than wood soft. In addition, due to the density of the eco-wood materials, small moisture content and different profiles and application design structure, it has a good thermal insulation properties, compared with other materials are generally the same area of its better thermal insulation properties, is widely used in the current market a new type of energy saving decorative products.Backyard decking
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<p>1.PE ecological wood flooring</p>
<p>One of the earliest ecological wood flooring, belonging foam type, surface crust, compared to his ecological categories, it is rather dense wood, such products are generally hollow, generally 120x25mm and 125x25 model, the cost is not high, but the price is much varies, priced at between 100-300 yuan / m.
commercial garage flooring</p>

<p>2.PVC eco wood flooring</p>
<p>PVC eco wood flooring used indoor and outdoor, are non-foaming type, its molecular structure is strong, not easy to deformation and fracture, more beautiful, suitable room garden location, plank, and installation of indoor high places, according to the different PVC raw material price volatility is quite big.buy cheap decking boards</p>

<p>3 high-grade indoor ecological wood flooring</p>
<p>Upscale interior with ecological wood floors are dedicated in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, etc., not only bright fashion colors, than the original materials are durable, environmentally friendly, not easily deformed and broken, moisture, is the best choice for indoor decoration materials.recycled plastic bag fence</p>

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<p>1.PE ecological wood flooring</p>
One of the earliest ecological wood flooring, belonging foam type, surface crust, compared to his ecological categories, it is rather dense wood, such products are generally hollow, generally 120x25mm and 125x25 model, the cost is not high, but the price is much varies, priced at between 100-300 yuan / m.
[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/973.html]how to maintenance a porch floor[/url]

<p>2.PVC eco wood flooring</p>
PVC eco wood flooring used indoor and outdoor, are non-foaming type, its molecular structure is strong, not easy to deformation and fracture, more beautiful, suitable room garden location, plank, and installation of indoor high places, according to the different PVC raw material price volatility is quite big.
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<p>3 high-grade indoor ecological wood flooring</p>
Upscale interior with ecological wood floors are dedicated in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, etc., not only bright fashion colors, than the original materials are durable, environmentally friendly, not easily deformed and broken, moisture, is the best choice for indoor decoration materials.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/971.html]Wood plastic crates[/url]

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Wood-plastic composites (WPC), modern design, often called the "functionalist design", also known as "technical beauty", or "machine art" Modernist design is developed from the architectural design of the 20th century, 20 years after European group of advanced designers, architects formed a strong group to promote so-called new architectural movement, this movement is very complex content, including spiritual, ideological reform, including technological advances, in particular, the use of new materials, the building is completely dependent on thousands of years to the wood, stone, brick breaking tradition.<a [url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/solutions/Composite-wood-decking-prices.html]Composite wood decking prices Wear and stain resistance[/url]

Then, starting from the architectural revolution, but also affect the urban planning and design, environmental design, furniture design, industrial design, graphic design and communication design, and so on, forming a truly complete modernist design movement. On the basis of the nature of modernist design is functionalism, advocates form follows function, in order to meet people's needs and potential demand for the principle.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/solutions/Decorative-wooden-wall-panels.html]Decorative Wood Wall Panels Design Ideas[/url]
Modern design and manufacturing theory is increasingly to penetrate into the furniture industry, in order to meet the requirements of modern design, product design and the need to achieve a balance in the highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, the development of new materials and modern design has been linked to progress, we need to superior materials to meet the design requirements, but only after a superior material is designed to better reflect the value of its own, and practical and innovative composite materials just to fill this need.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/solutions/Best-composite-decking.html]Best composite decking - Best Composite Deck Boards[/url]

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The vast majority of ordinary wood-plastic composite extrusion products have the advantages of plastic profiles, such as flame retardant, anti-aging, but also has other advantages not a substitute for ordinary plastic profiles, such as color, texture, light weight, quality and performance, can be nailed, drilling, sawing, planing, paint, bonding and other processing performance. However,[url=http://www.woodandplasticcomposite.com/solutions/affordable-outdoor-flooring.html]affordable outdoor flooring[/url]

poor welding performance extruded products WPC basically unsuitable welding, so the doors and windows bolted assembly to adopt the form, this is a big shortage. However, the use of wood-plastic composite extrusion products can be in the field of construction, transportation and installation of doors and windows give a lot of convenience, can be considered to some extent make up for the shortcomings of it.[url=http://www.woodandplasticcomposite.com/solutions/Cheap-fence-panels.html]Cheap fence panels[/url]

The use of wood-plastic composite profiles can largely save energy and reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, maintaining the natural ecological balance of power can be described as hell. Anyway, since the wood-plastic composite profiles and plastic profiles and wood has unparalleled advantages, but also energy-saving, environmental protection, is bound to have broad application prospects. We fully believe that with the production of wood-plastic composite extrusion products and technologies to further improve the promotion of a wide range of production processes, wood-plastic composite profiles will be able to gradually replace the position of plastic and wood products.[url=http://www.woodandplasticcomposite.com/solutions/wood-plastic-composites.html]wood plastic composites[/url]

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The twenty-first century, the human living environment face more severe challenges. Environmental pollution is very serious ecological damage is a prominent problem of global resources are depleting. Protect the environment, conserve resources, without delay. Waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources in the core of the recycling economy development model has become the trend of world development. Recycling of resources and vigorously develop the national economy growth and the technology will have a profound impact on the environment and sustainable development. WPC industry as an emerging industry, but also need to regulate the healthy growth of the industry standardized means to seize the commanding heights of industry development, promote the industrialization process of the province wood technology.[URL=http://www.woodandplasticcomposite.com/solutions/ECo-friendly-porch-flooring.html]Eco-friendly WPC floor porch design ideas[/URL]

WPC profiles and product standardization committee was established to fully respond to the call of the national strategy for the implementation of technical standards and vigorously develop the circular economy, reflecting the energy saving industry trends, Guangdong Province, in favor of wood-related industries enterprises to obtain the right to speak and improve their core competitiveness and innovation capacity to effectively promote the sustainable development of the industry. I believe that the cause of the province to promote the standardization and standardization strategy brilliant definitely brought new development opportunities.[URL=http://www.woodandplasticcomposite.com/solutions/Discount-outdoor-furniture.html]Sale Outdoor Furniture - Discount Outdoor Decor[/URL]

<p>After a full discussion of all the participating members, the meeting examined and adopted the Articles of Association of the Technical Committee, the Secretariat's work rules, standard system frameworks, standards development plans in 2011, has laid a good foundation for the technical work of the Commission official. It is reported that the secretariat of the technical committee of the commitment unit is currently the strongest annual production capacity of domestic wood.[URL=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/solutions/Garden-decking-plans.html]Home garden decorations, garden decking plans[/URL]

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WPC (Wood-Plastic Composites, WPC) is booming at home and abroad in recent years, a new type of composite material, refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, etc., instead of the usual resin adhesive, with more than 50% of the wood flour, rice husk, straw and other plant waste wood fibers mixed into the new material, and then the plastic processing extrusion, molding, injection molding process to produce plates or profiles. Mainly used in building materials, furniture, logistics and packaging industries. Plastic and wood powder by mixing after hot extrusion sheet, called WPC extrusion sheet.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/1005.html]cheap waterproof deck[/url]

With wood-plastic composite materials research and development, production of wood-plastic composite plastic materials, in addition to other than high density polyethylene or polypropylene, and PVC and PS. Process is also the first single-screw extruder developed into a second-generation conical twin-screw extruder, and then by the initial granulation parallel twin-screw extruder, and then by a conical screw extrusion molding.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/1004.html]gray indoor composite flooring[/url]

Can make it difficult plasticizers, aging resistance is poor, poor creep resistance, color consistency and durability and tensile strength, poor, country after years of research and development, the emergence of Xuzhou Han Yong Plastic New Materials Co., Ltd, represented by some companies, WPC material can be manufactured fully meet the GB / T 24137 and ASTM D7031; ASTM D7032; BS DD CEN / TS 15534-3 requirements. And large exports abroad.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/1003.html]composite deck price[/url]

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WPC this emerging eco-friendly materials products get more and more attention and recognition to the world, its production and usage are rapidly increasing year by year.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/1013.html] wpc decking extruder machine[/url]

This book is clear and concise language and easy to understand way, the system introduces the manufacture of wood-plastic composite materials used (wood fiber materials, plastics, fillers and coupling agents) species, the performance of its role in the product; set forth in the material properties of bending, compression, tension, thermal expansion-contraction, the main factors and changes of physical and mechanical properties of linear shrinkage, slip resistance, water absorption shape, etc.;[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/1012.html]composite overlay for wood deck resurfacing[/url]

Cause of the recent corporate and academic focus of attention problems, such as the burning properties, anti-microbial degradation properties, oxidation resistance and rheological properties, are described in detail; given in the relevant part of the raw materials and product performance testing methods abroad standards, and briefly describes the specific methods. The book is rich with a lot of data and examples for support materials, practical, theoretical depth, unique insights.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/1011.html]compare wood to composite decking[/url]
[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/1010.html]ceiling plastic panels[/url]
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Why ecological wood decoration materials, outdoor quality partner that you say? Ecological wood introduced an eco-wood preservative with superior moisture resistance of the product, it is the integration of solid wood with a plastic product advantages compare to adapt to the harsh outdoors the natural environment of the new green decoration materials, with anti-rot, termite, anti-fungal and other effects, often used to make the open-air environment, but also can be used directly with the water, soil exposure in the environment, outdoor wood flooring, garden Landscape flooring material of choice for outdoor wood platform floor terrace, outdoor wooden plank wood preservative and other outdoor pergola.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/650.html]cheap affordable patio flooring options[/url]

Lift Outdoor Furniture, people first thought is to use rattan, aluminum, iron, etc. made ​​of beach chairs, garden chairs, sofas and so on. Outdoor decoration, reinforced concrete, aluminum, etc. are too tough, giving people the cold pressure. In fact, the timber with its unique visual beauty and the body's most appropriate to the touch, compared to traditional materials, to better reflect the close nature of the content, restore the natural qualities of style, while creating a warm spice of life, as in a tense rhythm the modern city has created a fresh atmosphere of nature, so this is ecological wood is one of the reasons recognized by consumers. In addition to its "antiseptic", "durable" feature is its main reason for selling.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/649.html]cost of composite panels[/url]

Since 2002, the domestic eco-wood production, sales volume has maintained an upward trend, especially since the beginning of 2006, the market maintained rapid growth, ecological wood is widely used in landscaping, residential landscaping, tourist attractions, home decoration, etc. fields.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/648.html]inexpensive picket composite fence[/url]

[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/647.html]high density closed cell foam[/url]
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