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WPC production process knowledge

<p>Polymer can add some artificial zeolite, such aluminosilicate powder can absorb material molecules capture the smell. By a large number of crystalline powders empty, adsorbents can capture odors of organic small molecules. Molecular adsorbent has been successfully used to capture the polyolefin pipe extrusion, injection and extrusion blow-molded containers, isolated packaging materials, extrusion packaging and sealing materials. Molecules adsorbed powder can also be added as a desiccant to remove the plastic water vapor.latest outdoor floor ceramic tiles</p>

<p>When profiles are not required to have a continuous sheet-like structure or a component has a complicated structure design, WPC can be formed by injection molding or compression molding. Processed wood materials sometimes have to face in the process of filling the mold completely to the problem In order to solve this problem, they need to reduce the amount of wood filler in order to increase the melt flowability. Since the upper limit of 200 ℃ operating temperature processing of wood-plastic composites, and some resin melting point exceeds 200 ° C, such as PET, can not be used for wood-plastic composites. Water and gas may deteriorate the performance of the composites, but also helps to breed microbes, so be sure to remove moisture before using wood filler.wood ecological in california</p>

<p>Before molding wood filler to be drying, moisture content generally require post-processing to be less than 1 to 2%. Now WPC processing machinery requirements with feeding equipment, drying equipment, extrusion equipment and molding equipment, as well as the necessary downstream equipment such as cooling water tank, traction equipment and cutting equipment.swift deck supplier in queensland</p>