thick floor substrate

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 <p> Not only that, because the floor thickness increases, the floor sound-absorbing effect is stronger, effectively reduce the noise.raw edge of composite decking Because such flooring and solid wood flooring the same or similar, perception, foot feeling has reached a very good effect.</p>
<p> To imitate the wood floor, for example, it uses a thick floor substrate, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring will be an effective combination of advantages, and the original plane printing method to change the three-dimensional wood grain synchronous repression printing,wood plastic composite material products the real Showing the natural log style, this kind of floor not only in the visual to the consumer to bring a real sense of solid wood, but also strive to create a solid sense of the foot-like comfort and good mute effect.</p>
<p> The above two types of thickening laminate flooring used in the processing process is different, but its role is the same,diy anti-fungus pools floor both by increasing the thickness of laminate flooring, perfect laminate flooring function.</p>