the cabinet industry

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<p>Four bottlenecks restricting the development of the cabinet industry, but there are not many companies in accordance with the standard production, promotion effect is not ideal, and even some companies that the standard simply no use. In fact, in terms of cabinet production, this standard is really too general, very imperfect. Cabinet production and installation standards waterproof decking tongue and groove should be fine workmanship, environmental protection materials and design functions to develop the rationality, and such standards have not been introduced. </p><p>These similar "guerrilla" cabinet factory not only production technology and backward technology, equipment plant simple, and the purchase of materials and accessories is also low quality and low price. Imitation plagiarism over the cabinet as furniture, clothing, like what popular in Europe, China will imitate what. But how to design a local characteristics, suitable for Chinese food habits and contains European how to do a swimming pool with pallets style of modernist products, you need local designers "foreign for the use of", rather than according to the cat tiger. </p><p>At present, most of the domestic cabinet industry designers from the decoration company and furniture factory, of course, this is not contradictory, cabinets and interior decoration and furnishings are inherently reasonable. Just some designers do not do anything, take the Chinese furniture, decorative style to copy the foreign "foreign kitchen", and then hard into the house, it is a little tattoo taste.</p><p> Installation services are not professional problems due to the installation of buuilding shower privacy fence the cabinet manufacturers is a headache for one thing. Cabinet installation is generally carried out by the manufacturer or dealer. In either case, the final consumer to install the home is neither an engineer nor a technician, basically without a professional training of migrant workers, one can send a technical guide is quite good, so in the installation and sale process is easy A problem. Common problems are: cabinet installers accidentally hit the interior facilities, damage to the cabinet accessories. Once the owners complain, install the team, dealers and cabinets manufacturers on each other passing, mutual prevarication. Regardless of the outcome, the ultimate injury or cabinet manufacturers. The quality of the local how to build a pergola on an exsisting deck cabinet installers need to be strengthened. For a set of high-quality cabinets, the installation is crucial.</p>