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<p>Wood flour applied technology in general no big stringent requirements, various types of wood flour and a variety of plant fiber and other general can be used (sawdust produced during wood processing, crushed scraps can be), right Effect processing is not large, the main requirements of a variety of wood powder particle size is generally 20 to 100 mesh, on this basis, to ensure that the wood powder and plastic for drying prior to mixing. General wood flour moisture content should be controlled within 3%.composite wood menards </p>

<p>Drying equipment can be electric heating, microwave heating can also be drying or natural drying. Wood powder after drying should be kept dry place that (indoor), not secondary to absorb moisture, otherwise the process greater impact. Need to mention that, with the exhaust function when using an extruder, particularly a twin-screw extruder processing wood material, the wood meal can not be a special drying process can be natural drying only direct sunlight were extruded.composite decking on balcony roof </p>

<p>Through the stretching, rolling and heat treatment of the wood fibers or wood flour methods like pretreatment, this method does not change the chemical composition of the surface, but can change the structure and surface properties of the fiber. Wood such as NaOH can be dissolved in part of pectin, hemicellulose, lignin and other low molecular weight impurities, and without changing the chemical structure of the main body of the cellulose, leaving the microfibers rotational angle is reduced, to increase molecular orientation to increase the breaking strength microfibers and so on.solid fence panels</p>

<p>Its treatment effect depends on the concentration of alkali metal solution types and solutions. Acid treatment with low concentrations of woody parts, mainly to remove the influence of the material properties of pectin and other impurities. Mainly used in the elution of wood wax, to improve the wood adhesion between the polymer matrix. The main sputtering discharge, corona discharge, which is mainly caused by changes in the physical aspects of treatment, can make the surface becomes rough and other plant fibers to enhance the interface between the adhesive properties.[url=]Cheap Outdoor wpc Deck[/url]</p>