solid bonding the floor

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 <p> In order to further reduce formaldehyde pollution, many businesses such as Shengshi, macro-resistant, Kangcai have launched water deduction floor,composite flooring products that simulate teak and holly  the installation of the basic principles are no longer using the traditional glue to install, but in the production process, the floor Add a layer of environmental protection at the interface of water-soluble solid glue. </p>
<p>As is the automatic production line processing, the glue is very evenly dense coating, in the installation, no additional outdoor waterproof flooring Sometimes just gently apply some water to the interface can activate the glue, you can achieve a solid bonding the floor. </p>
<p>But experts advise,outdoor wood plastic decking the current market in Xi'an so-called "water gusset plate" more, but in the selection process the best look for well-known brands, so as not to be taken.outdoor flooring over plywood  The introduction of solid wood feet soft cork mute floor, so that the flooring market competition has entered a new stage. And last year's price war, this year, more manufacturers to strengthen the floor playing the quality of well-known brand.</p>