regulation wood flooring

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 <p> Quality supervision departments heavy regulation wood flooring business, unlicensed production in serious cases will be held criminally responsible Shenzhen Chinese Commercial News reporter Su Haijiang WASHINGTON reporters yesterday from the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision,snap on decking over original wood  May 20 to July 20, Quality supervision departments will focus on the city's two months more than 50 wood-based panel production enterprises expand rectified. </p>
<p>Not legally obtained industrial production license corresponding products is unauthorized production or expand the scope of the license best price for composite decking in iceland production of products included in the directory, they will be subject to investigation; </p>
<p>suspected of a crime,timber deck in Aust-Agder  will be transferred to judicial organs be held criminally responsible. It is understood that, in accordance with regulations, from May 2004, China's plywood, particleboard, OSB, MDF, blockboard, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, solid wood flooring, decorative board, veneer plywood,garden centre decking  impregnated film paper veneer plywood, laminate flooring (laminate flooring) and other 22 categories of wood products production license system.</p>