"Safety Ambassadors" of the fire-retardant wood materials

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"Safety Ambassadors" of the fire-retardant wood materials
<p>WPC This material taking into account the dual characteristics of plant fibers and plastics, durable, long life, high hardness than plastic, better than wood stability, and have good processability of thermoplastics, easy molding[url=http://www.compositefloormanufacturer.com]wood plastic deck,wood plastic fence,wpc flower box,manufacturer[/url]

Another outstanding advantage is WPC material can be reused or recycled, along with biodegradable. Wood flour wood materials used are bamboo powder, wood flour, rice husk powder, peanut shell powder, these materials are rich in natural resources, cheap and easy to get. WPC due to both plant fiber biodegradable, renewable, it is considered a very promising green materials.[url=http://www.compositefloormanufacturer.com/wpc-deck/wpc-floor/4992.html]plastic composite composite decking[/url]

However, ordinary WPC limiting oxygen index (LOI) is low, probably around 18, are flammable materials in some of the higher operating temperature or flammable occasions or have greater security risks. With the popularity of the concept of safe plastics for processing safety of wood materials, the use of security technology has become the trend.[url=http://www.compositefloormanufacturer.com/wpc-deck/wpc-floor/1065.html]inexpensive deck flooring in india[/url]

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