"Did the wolf come " industry of household building materials who most get hurt?

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Anti-static wood flooring, also known as dissipative electrostatic floor,Treated Lumber Deck Plan Cost Calculator when it is grounded or connected to a lower potential point, the charge dissipation, commonly used in computer rooms, security and protection are part of the engine room. For safety and disaster prevention hazards, many home and office areas have begun to make extensive use of such flooring. Products of professional performance, anti-static wood flooring in the microwave communications, mobile communications and other sectors and the application of the electronics industry is very extensive.

Anti - static wood floor types
Ceramic anti-static wood flooring with anti-static tile as a surface layer, composite all-steel floor or cement particleboard,exterior deck composite tiles cost surrounded by conductive tape edge processing (no plastic strips of ceramic flooring in the knock out when the porcelain easy). It has the advantages of stable anti-static performance, environmental protection, fireproofing, high wear-resistance, high life-span (service life over 30 years), high load (above 1200kg / m2), waterproof, moistureproof and decorative effect. Class room. Drawback is that the floor itself is heavier (a floor 15kg or more), the floor bearing a certain impact; also require professional installation workers to install, otherwise it will not be installed.

Steel anti-static wood flooring is the use of high wear-resistant melamine HPL fire board or pvc as the surface layer (the northern region due to dry climate, not easy to use HPL fire board veneer), steel structure substrate, waterproof tongue and groove composite decking the other according to whether the black strip There are boundless and edge of the points. The advantages of all-steel floor construction is convenient, there will not be installed after the gap problem, easy to replace, the disadvantage is that the surface material is not wear, short life, easy from the skin Qiaojiao, a few years to be replaced.

Aluminum anti-static wood flooring products using high-quality cast aluminum profiles, the tensile molding, the surface layer of high wear-resistant pvc or HPL veneer, conductive adhesive paste from the substrate with a permanent rust-free use of the effectiveness of repeated use , Can A Pergola Be Built From Composite Wood Which effectively solves the composite floor and all-steel flooring product defects, and tailor-made high-grade anti-static wood flooring, but its cost is too high.
The above is Xiaobian to introduce you to the relevant knowledge of anti-static wood flooring, mainly used in the relevant professional departments of the anti-static wood flooring, I believe we are not familiar with this product. But for the requirements of the industry, anti-static wood flooring in the microelectronics industry, computer room and other departments of the application is very extensive. And with the design and process improvement, anti-static wood flooring in the future application will be more and more.