outdoor kitchen flooring

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<p>1.PE ecological wood flooring</p>
One of the earliest ecological wood flooring, belonging foam type, surface crust, compared to his ecological categories, it is rather dense wood, such products are generally hollow, generally 120x25mm and 125x25 model, the cost is not high, but the price is much varies, priced at between 100-300 yuan / m.
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<p>2.PVC eco wood flooring</p>
PVC eco wood flooring used indoor and outdoor, are non-foaming type, its molecular structure is strong, not easy to deformation and fracture, more beautiful, suitable room garden location, plank, and installation of indoor high places, according to the different PVC raw material price volatility is quite big.
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<p>3 high-grade indoor ecological wood flooring</p>
Upscale interior with ecological wood floors are dedicated in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, etc., not only bright fashion colors, than the original materials are durable, environmentally friendly, not easily deformed and broken, moisture, is the best choice for indoor decoration materials.[url=http://woodandplasticcomposite.com/wpc-solutions/wpc-floor/971.html]Wood plastic crates[/url]

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