our domestic flooring

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 <p>This represents our domestic flooring industry. Then yesterday I also saw the Nanxun District under the decision-making, in Nanxun 2010-2015 floor industry planning and development, exterior plastic panels walls the Friends of the world accounted for the most important part. Our annual output value is 60 billion, Nanxun nearly 40 billion, accounting for 25% of the national floor production of wood.</p>
<p>so the world floor to see China, Zhejiang, Zhejiang flooring look at the floor to see Nanxun. Friends of the Friends of the floor to the leading technology and wood plastic composite with bamboo excellent product quality.</p>

<p>has won numerous strategic partners in support of the Friends of the World in 2010 in the Friends of the high-speed operation of the open multi-layer parquet extruded vinyl decking stain free offensive strategy. Nanxun in a solid wood flooring giants to the quality of excellence known as the country, which is the Linnan Star company. </p>