maintenance composite walls

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<p>Physical properties: strength, high hardness, non-slip, wear-resistant, no crack, no insects, small water absorption, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, anti-static and UV, insulation, thermal insulation, fire-retardant, high temperature resistant to 75 ℃ and low temperature of -40 ℃.black composite wood</p>

<p>Environmental performance: the release of non-toxic substances and hazardous substances, hazardous chemical ingredients, preservatives, formaldehyde, benzene, etc., will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution can be 100% recycled and re-processing, can also be biodegradable .maintenance composite walls</p>

<p>The appearance of texture: a natural appearance of wood, texture. Better dimensional stability than wood, no wood knots, will not crack, warp, deformation, products can be made ​​from a variety of colors, surfaces may need long-term retention of secondary leaching paint does not fade new.artificial wood flooring manufacturers</p>

<p>Processing performance: with a secondary processing of wood, such as sawing, planing, bonding, with nails or screws, various profiles of standards, construction and installation quick and easy. By conventional mode of operation, can be processed into a variety of facilities and products.[url=]6ft garden wire fence panels[/url]</p>