<p>diatom mud Diatom mud is one of the more environmentally friendly materials in the decoration. Its raw material is diatomaceous earth. This material not only purifies the air, but also has the effect of <a href="http://compositedeckingproducts.com/WPC-Products/9211.html">wpc decking wholesale price per foot</a> sterilization and deodorization. The diatom mud material is relatively fine, so the requirements on the wall surface are relatively high. In addition, diatom mud is not resistant to dirt or water, so be careful when using it in normal times. Do not wipe it with water when cleaning. What is good for decorating the wall now? Solvent-based interior latex paint This material is volatile, and it has strong stain resistance and alkali resistance. Its price will be higher than ordinary water-soluble paint, but its construction is relatively simple and functional.</p><p> In addition, the wall <a href="http://syntheticoutdoordeck.com/solid/4092.html">affordable front porch floors</a> surface constructed with latex paint should not be too moist, and if it is too moist, it will easily foam and fall. Now what is the decoration wall surface - glazed tiles glazed tiles have a variety of colors, such as gray, white, etc., the glazed tiles on the market, its length and width are not the same, but the thickness is generally 5 mm to 8 mm between. When you buy a tile, you can tap on its surface. If the sound is crisp, it means it is of good quality. At the same time, you can put the brick on the flat ground to see if it has a curl.</p><p> Now what is the decoration wall<a href="http://plasticwooddecking.com/solution/case/747.html">heavy duty plastic wood railing and patio</a> surface - latex paint coating is a medium and high-grade paint, it is more expensive, but it has a strong decorative effect, occupying most of the market. The high-quality latex paint is not only resistant to water but also has a strong alkali resistance. The wall surface of this paint brush will not fall off even if it is damp. Now what is the decoration wall surface - wallpaper wallpaper not only has a variety of patterns and colors, but also the construction is very simple, but also create a romantic atmosphere. The wallpaper not only has sound insulation, but also has anti-mildew properties. For example, if the living room is in <a href="http://compositedeckingproducts.com/WPC-Products/11986.html">composite decking over plywood decking</a> an American country style, you can use a wallpaper with floral prints.</p>

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