<p>Wooden sound-absorbing panels are mainly divided into two kinds: channel wood and aperture wood. The channel-type sound-absorbing panel is a slit resonance sound-absorbing material that is slotted at the front and perforated at the back, and the perforated acoustic panel is a kind of sound-absorbing panel. Structured sound-absorbing material with open holes on the front and back. What kind of wall acoustic panels - fabric acoustic panels The cloth acoustical panel has a special sound-absorbing surface placed inside its <a href="http://patiodecksale.com/diy-deck/3933.html">cedar vs pressure treated vs composite cost Indonesia</a> plastic or wood frame, and the outsourcing is made of flame-retardant sound-absorbing cloth. It has features such as fireproof, strong decorative and simple construction, and it has sound absorption.</p> <p> The spectrum is relatively high, and it has good sound absorption effects for high, medium and low noise. What are the types of wall acoustic panels? - Polyester fiber acoustic panels Polyester fiber acoustic panels are made by high-tech hot-pressing, due to the diversity of density, so the ventilation is also very good, it is a sound-absorbing material and separated The excellent <a href="http://patiodecksale.com/solid-deck/592.html">white composite wood used in Roof garden</a> products in the hot materials can shorten the adjustment time according to different needs, and can also remove the impurities in the sound, effectively improving the efficiency of the sound. This type of board has the characteristics of decoration, heat preservation, flame retardant, impact resistance, and maintenance.</p> <p> Wall sound-absorbing board installation considerations Before the construction of <a href="http://patiodecksale.com/hollow-deck/1289.html">security pvc flooring cyprus</a> the wall sound-absorbing panel, its model, size, and quantity must be clearly checked, and the sound-absorbing panel must be placed in the room where it needs to be installed for more than 48 hours in advance so as to ensure that the sound-absorbing panel can adapt to the surrounding environment. Avoid deformation before the formal construction. The construction must be in accordance with the building code to ensure the safety of the construction wall. The arrangement of the keel and the sound-absorbing board must be in one-to-one correspondence. When the wall sound-absorbing panel is under construction, the surrounding temperature and humidity are required to be very high. The surrounding of the installation site must be kept in a<a href="http://patiodecksale.com/marine-deck/5424.html">building privacy fence denmark</a> dry state, and the temperature in the room should be higher than 10��C.</p>

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