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<p>WPC base for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and wood fiber, determine certain characteristics of its own and has a plastic timber.</p>
<p>1) good processability WPC containing plastics and fibers, therefore, has a timber with similar processing performance, </p>
<p>sawing, nailing, planing, use woodworking appliance to complete. Mechanical strength properties superior to wood materials.</p>
<p>2) good strength properties Wood-plastic composite materials containing plastic, which has good elastic modulus.</p>
<p> Further, since the fiber-containing and sufficiently mixed with the plastic, which has a hardwood with considerable compressive, </p>
<p>flexural and other mechanical properties, and its durability is better than ordinary wood.</p>
<p>3) has a water-resistant, corrosion resistance and long service life WPC materials and products rather than wood, resistant to strong acid,</p>
<p> water, corrosion resistance, and do not breed bacteria, can not easily be moth-eaten, not long fungi. Long life, up to 15 years.</p>
<p> 4) excellent performance adjustable By additives, plastics can be polymerized, foam, curing, modification and other changes, </p>
<p>thus changing the WPC density, strength and other characteristics,can achieve anti-aging, anti-static special requirements, fire-retardant.</p>
<p>5) having an ultraviolet light stability, good coloring property.</p>
<p>6) Its biggest advantage is that recycling Po, 100% recovery and reproduction. Can decompose, </p>
<p>will not cause the "white pollution", is the real green products.</p>
<p>7) a wide range of sources of raw materialsWPC production of plastic raw materials mainly high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, </p>
<p>and polyvinyl chloride, wood fibers may be wood flour, bamboo powder, wood fiber or bran, </p>
<p>and also requires a small amount of additives and other processing aids.  </p>
<p>8) as needed, into any shape and size.  </p>
<p>Our company produces the PE WPC material, which can be used to build the platform, outdoor terrace, plank, decking, railings, signs, </p>
<p>fences, stepping, trash, blinds, outdoor furniture, pergolas, flower boxes, tree pool , siding, outdoor decoration, </p>
<p>landscape and gardens and so on. </p>
<p>PE WPC material is broadly classified and market share ratio:</p>
<p> First, wood flooring: ��70% Second, pergolas and railings: ��15% Third, flower boxes, tree pool, gazebo, </p>
<p>wall panels, stepping: ��10% Fourth, blinds, outdoor furniture, trash, and signs: ��5% </p>
<p>Classification of wood floor: solid flooring, </p>
<p>hollow floor, DIY floor, coextrusion floors.</p>
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