<p>Wear-resistant coatings are generally made using manual mixing and mechanical agitation. Normally, it is recommended to use mechanical stirring. The stirring time is usually 2-3 minutes. If manual <a href="http://stpaulspharmacy.in/distributor/7595-vinyl-plastic-privacy-fence-slats.html">vinyl plastic privacy fence slats</a> mixing is used, two-thirds of the water must be added for 4 minutes of stirring before adding the remaining coating to stir until the effect is satisfactory. It is advisable to carry out the mixing process with as little as possible, but it must be completed within 30 minutes. The construction method of the wear-resistant paint should be carried out from the top to the bottom as far as possible.</p> <p>During the <a href="http://stpaulspharmacy.in/distributor/7594-boat-marine-vinyl-flooring.html">boat marine vinyl flooring</a> plastering, it is necessary to press hard. And the thickness of each plastering is preferably 20mm, preferably not exceeding 30mm. The construction time is also stressful. It is best to control all the processes within 45 minutes. Therefore, the speed of each mixing and construction must be well controlled. When using a wear-resistant coating, it is also necessary to perform the construction according to weather conditions. Generally, the coating will reach a state of initial solidification in 1-2 hours, and then it will be calendered. Calendering is the most important of all processes. After this treatment, the roughness of <a href="http://stpaulspharmacy.in/distributor/7593-find-wood-plastic-composite-panels-who-makes-in-india.html">find wood plastic composite panels who makes in india</a> the anti-friction layer can be reduced, which is very good for smooth discharge.</p>

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