<p>Tiles can be said to be indispensable in modern homes. Tiles are used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Tiles are clean and waterproof, so they are popular with consumers. There are a <a href="http://sblaxcamp.org/product/4653.html">green composite outdoor paneling ideas</a> wide variety of tile types on the market. Negative ion tiles have only recently emerged. Once they are introduced, they are well received. Compared with other types of tiles, what are the advantages of negative ion tiles? First, it is necessary to find out what negative ion tiles are and negative ion tiles can be used.</p> <p> The release of relatively high concentration of negative ions in the air can play a role in purifying the air. It can be a relatively stable and long-lasting release of negative ions, where negative ions are tiled, and can achieve natural forest effects. Xinruncheng anion tile has <a href="http://sblaxcamp.org/product/4652.html">cost of installing click laminate flooring</a> the function of neutralizing the positive charge of PM2.5 in the air, and it is easy to settle to achieve the function of purifying air.</p> <p> If the room has just been renovated, its oxidizing properties can decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde and make the environment more healthy. Ordinary ceramic tiles are made of fire-resistant metal oxides through <a href="http://sblaxcamp.org/product/4651.html">low price wpc porch railings</a> grinding, mixing, sintering, etc. to form a kind of decorative materials such as porcelain or stone that are more resistant to acids and alkalis. The raw materials are mostly made of clay, sand and other materials. Xinruncheng anion ceramic tile adds negative ion release material tourmaline to the ceramic raw material, so as to produce a new ceramic product capable of releasing a higher negative ion concentration in the air. The main components of tourmaline include 10 kinds of trace elements <a href="http://sblaxcamp.org/product/4650.html">green exterior wall board sale Norway</a> that are beneficial to human body, such as magnesium, aluminum and iron.</p>

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