<p>This kind of plate has beautiful appearance and excellent strength. Yuhong has excellent moisture resistance, which is often when we make furniture. A plate used. Because it is made of wood, the environmental <a href="http://syntheticoutdoordeck.com/solid/862.html">dubai fence design</a> performance is relatively good. What kind of environmental protection: Hexiang board and fragrant board is a new type of artificial environmental protection board. It uses crop straw as the substrate, and then adds zero-formaldehyde polyurethane ecological glue. It is a kind of zero formaldehyde sheet. </p> <p>However, due to the high production rate required for the production process, the relative price is <a href="http://syntheticoutdoordeck.com/solid/4150.html">advantages of composite pile</a> expensive in terms of price. What is environmentally friendly: MDF is a kind of artificial board made of wood fiber and then added with resin or adhesive. The surface of the board is smooth and flat, with excellent physical properties, strong nail holding power and environmental protection. Higher, it is the preferred plate for many people's furniture production. What kind of environmental protection: Eco-ecological board is also called melamine board. It uses particleboard and MDF as the substrate. It has a layer of melamine mask on the surface, which has excellent moisture, fire and acid <a href="http://syntheticoutdoordeck.com/solid/1560.html">fix decking to concrete</a> and alkali resistance. Excellent environmental performance, is the preferred plate for making furniture at home.</p>

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