<p>Steel radiator with beautiful appearance, diverse forms and the overall strength of the advantages, but the biggest problem is the steel radiator can not resist oxidation and corrosion, and most of our <a href="http://dlffloorsmullanpur.in/fireproof/35.html">composite filler for decking</a> heating system or open heating system, let go of the radiator in the spring Of the medium, a large amount of oxygen enters the wet radiator inner wall, causing the steel radiator to rapidly corrode. </p> <p> At the same time, in recent years, a large number of plastic pipes used in heating systems, because the dense polymer wall composition can not be compared with the metal pipe, oxygen can penetrate into the heating system medium, making the heating system medium De-oxygen effect is not good, this is the biggest limitation of the use of steel radiators. With the gradual increase <a href="http://dlffloorsmullanpur.in/outdoor/3047.html">decking manufacturers malta</a> in the application of steel radiator, the exposed oxide corrosion problem has become more and more serious. </p> <p> Aluminum Radiator: Aluminum is second only to copper in terms of thermal conductivity, but weighs much less than copper, so aluminum radiators once occupied a large share of the new radiators. However, aluminum radiator can not be used in alkaline environment, and China's heating system to prevent boiler, heat exchanger fouling, heating medium PH value of 10-12 between the untreated aluminum radiator here Under the environment, the fastest week has been eclipsed. In order to solve this problem, the aluminum radiator is forced to do the internal anti-corrosion treatment, the method is nothing more than paint, enamel, chrome and spray, but no one process its technology <a href="http://dlffloorsmullanpur.in/friendly/4787.html">teak decking on ground</a> and cost is relatively reasonable, and there is no good way Can be fully tested.</p>

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