<p>Somerset II Trellis Kit easy mounting onto walls or fences. It consists of two 40" long powder-coated aluminum brackets, top and bottom, that screw to the wall face and support a lattice of four <a href="http://ques-tautau.org/purchase/5121.html">easy to easy to a allen roth gazebo with the screen and</a> vertical 1/8" diameter stainless steel cables and five horizontal 1/8" diameter rods. The support brackets can be spaced from 2 to 6 feet apart to fit a variety of wall heights, and patented adjustable cable attachment fittings allow the cable assemblies to be easily trimmed to exact size. Special Micro Cross-Clamps with locking setscrews securely hold the rods in position.</p> <p> Multiple kits can be mounted adjacent to one another to make wider <a href="http://ques-tautau.org/purchase/5120.html">pressure treated decking planks for sale</a> trellises, and each kit includes all mounting screws, hardware, and installation instructions. We still offer the I kit for heavier duty applications. Product contains recycled materials.Characteristics A. Each cable comes with a small stainless steel Ball fitting pre-attached to one end. B. Micro Cross Clamps using a locking setscrew to firmly hold the <a href="http://ques-tautau.org/purchase/5119.html">wpc manufacturer in czech republic</a> rods in position.</p> <p>Special Threaded Terminal fittings are attached to the cable in the field using two offsetting setscrews. Anti-loosening nylon-insert locknuts securely fasten cables to the bottom bracket and are used to adjust tension. D. 1/2" spacer blocks hold the brackets away from the wall for proper lattice clearance and optimal water drainage. Mounting screws are inserted through the bracket and spacer blocks and into the wall and are <a href="http://ques-tautau.org/purchase/5118.html">long life pvc fence plastic</a> finished with decorative caps.</p>

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