<p>Reasons for the large price gap of broken aluminum doors and windows The wall thickness of the profile is different. Although its appearance looks similar and the dimensions are the same, the wall thickness of the profile inside will also be different. The wall thickness of these different specifications, the thicker the profile wall thickness, the <a href="http://goa-tourism.net/rackable/370-outdoor-floor-directly-on-grass.html">outdoor floor directly on grass</a> higher the cost, and the price is naturally more expensive. Insulating glass Different glass is one of its main components, so we have to pay attention to see how its glass quality is when buying. </p><p>Generally speaking, the thicker the thickness of the insulating glass, the higher the cost, the higher the safety, the stronger <a href="http://goa-tourism.net/rackable/369-concrete-pool-deck-paint-cool-deck.html">concrete pool deck paint cool deck</a> the bearing capacity, and the lower the price, and the higher the price. Insulation strips are also one of the important parts of the insulation strip. </p><p>It is the result of <a href="http://goa-tourism.net/rackable/368-cheap-vinyl-floor-tile-for-sale.html">cheap vinyl floor tile for sale</a> thermal insulation. If the merchant uses inferior heat insulation strips, then the cost will be lower and the profit will be higher, but the heat insulation effect will be worse, and the strength of the entire form will be greatly reduced. In order to achieve the set thermal insulation coefficient, the manufacturers of brand doors and windows use tens of thousands of tons of PA66 nylon insulation strips. This strip has small expansion coefficient, good heat resistance and high <a href="http://goa-tourism.net/rackable/367-deck-building-material-list.html">deck building material list</a> anti-aging performance, so it is only The price of the insulation strip may differ by a factor of two or three.</p>

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