<p>Paint boards are divided into paints and polyester paints. The paint is composed of resin and additives and can be polished and polished. Polyester lacquer uses a spray painting process that does not <a href="http://gssfuturefocus.org/sale/556.html">eco wood manufacturers association</a> require baking. The matt effect of the surface is not polished, and the firmness and adhesion are important. The good polyester paint peeled off in powder form, but the ordinary pieces fell off.</p> <p> Solid wood panels Solid wood panels are divided into pure solid wood panels, solid wood composite panels, and solid wood veneers. Pure wood board has higher requirements on the consistency of wood species, and the whole is <a href="http://gssfuturefocus.org/supplier/473.html">flooring near swimming pool area</a> natural, luxurious and classic, and the effect is good.</p> <p> The solid wood composite board is made of solid wood splicing material as the base material, and the surface is affixed with solid wood skin, which can achieve the visual effect of solid wood; the solid wood veneer is in The surface of the MDF is double-skinned with solid wood. Solid wood composite panels and solid wood plywood can avoid the color difference and defects of the surface <a href="http://gssfuturefocus.org/wholesale/1487.html">tounge and groove fence boards</a> raw materials, achieve the same effect as the texture color, and are not easily deformed.</p>

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