<p>Kitchen and toilet space is usually exposed to excessive water vapor. Therefore, when installing the floor drain, it is necessary to pay attention to the slope of the ground. If it is as smooth as the ground, it will not be conducive to the discharge of water, and it will easily cause water problems. We can fix the ground drains first and then ground slope treatment, but the <a href="http://mexicanfoodrestaurant.org/best/2635-alternatives-to-decks-and-patios.html">alternatives to decks and patios</a> ground slope should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to cause the decoration effect is not beautiful. 3. Before the floor drain is installed, it is necessary to wrap the drain pipe well and take protective measures. However, first look at whether there is sand in the pipe. If you want to clean it, it will be easy to get clogged.</p> <p> The stain on the nozzle needs to be cleaned. Then check whether the <a href="http://mexicanfoodrestaurant.org/best/2634-instructions-on-building-wire-mesh-deck-raillings.html">instructions on building wire mesh deck raillings</a> distance between the drain pipe and the ground is too close. If it is too close, you need to cut the drain pipe so that the floor drain is installed lower than the ground. During the installation process, it is important to remember that the cement mortar must be applied around the floor drain. This is to make the floor and the floor drain fully bonded, but it is also not suitable to brush too thick and it is easy to affect the appearance. </p> <p>Also need to pay attention to the middle of the drain should be aligned with the middle of the water pipe, and <a href="http://mexicanfoodrestaurant.org/best/2633-front-porch-suppliers-of-wood.html">front porch suppliers of wood</a> then slowly into it, and then press the surface of the floor tight, so that the location of floor drain below the ground, to facilitate space drainage. 5. We need to match the actual situation of the home to the floor drain products, and the product of the sieve opening diameter should be within the range of 6-8mm, this size can effectively prevent the infiltration of debris into the floor drain, reduce the <a href="http://mexicanfoodrestaurant.org/best/2632-isp-vca-plastic-composite.html">isp vca plastic composite</a> occurrence of plugging.</p>

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