<p>Home fire protection should be selected fire-retardant materials Composite floor fire prevention effect is better At present, the floor market is still based on environmental protection <a href="http://affordablefloorswa.com/long-life/3211.html">waterproof tongue and groove deck</a> licensing, geothermal floor, but for the promotion of the floor in the fire performance is rarely mentioned. Sales personnel, floor fire prevention, first of all should be fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, etc. </p> <p>as the substrate, to paint or impregnated paper for the finish, through the flame retardant treatment, to achieve a certain degree of flame retardant. The wood laminate flooring with flame retardant function must <a href="http://affordablefloorswa.com/sale/1139.html">Wall Tile Decorating for Outdoor</a> reach the B1 level flame retardant standard and the smoke poison grade standard.</p> <p> The main types are: wear-resistant composite solid wood flooring, water-resistant wood flooring, and reinforced composite flooring. Recommendation: At present, only composite laminate flooring is available for fire protection in the market. Pure fireproof coatings or fireproof coatings added to pure wood flooring and bamboo flooring also have some fire retardant <a href="http://affordablefloorswa.com/deck/1083.html">materials used for decking</a> effects, but this is not very obvious. </p>

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