<p>EQUITONE, the architectural façade material line by ETEX, introduces a unique new façade material, designed by and for design architects. EQUITONE [linea] is a 3D shaped, through-coloured fibre cement <a href="http://ecodeck.info/durable/1222.html">deck ventilation grates</a> facade material that plays with light and shadow. Linea displays a linear embossing modelled on the size and shape of a human finger.</p> <p> Every moment of the day, the changing angle of the daylight gives the material a different aspect. Every EQUITONE [linea] <a href="http://ecodeck.info/durable/3295.html">how to sister 2 deck joists</a> panel is unique, displaying the raw and untreated inner texture of the core fibre cement material. The fibre cement material comes in a large panel size and can be transformed into any size or shape in the workshop or on site. No matter what design options you explore, EQUITONE’s through-coloured nature guarantees crisp, monolithic<a href="http://ecodeck.info/durable/3993.html">outdoor decking distributor Yemen</a> details. Both face and back fastening options have been developed for EQUITONE [linea].</p>

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