<p>Copper pipe aluminum string convection radiator performance advantages Copper tube aluminum string convector in line with national industrial policies and national standards, is a new product in recent years. The overall structure of the product design advanced, good decorative appearance, manufacturing process, reliable, good thermal performance, less metal<a href="http://vinyldecking.org/waterproof/4025.html">composite or metal deck railing woven wire</a> consumption, is the cost of similar domestic products closest to the hot iron, so has a strong market competitiveness. Said it is superior performance, the main performance is as follows: Finishing, high-quality, low-cost manufacturing advanced technology to ensure product quality: products from parts to components have good technology, with a complete production equipment and technology system, material utilization Greater than 95%, reliable quality, easy to use new technology so that product quality can be reliably guaranteed.</p><p> Is the most technically sustainable product. The most <a href="http://vinyldecking.org/sale/5015.html">Composite Pvc Flooring Wholesale Australia</a> suitable for large-scale production, the higher the yield the lower the cost, you can basically get rid of other types of small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with the situation of large enterprises. Good thermal performance, high efficiency, light, energy saving, material saving Material guarantee: copper, aluminum are excellent heat transfer material, with their heatsink, cooling efficiency, heat dissipation, high metal hot strength. Process assurance: high precision double fin heat sink, an increase of brass and aluminum contact area, thereby increasing the heat transfer coefficient and increase the K value.</p><p> Copper pipe is conducive to automated welding, welding and processing performance than the steel radiator, safe <a href="http://vinyldecking.org/export/1206.html">Wood Deck Panel Singapore</a> and reliable. Cooling movement structure to ensure that: advanced product design, product cooling movement using the national patent of the four-tube movement structure, in order to ensure that the cold heat sink area, the layout of the heat sink according to the different width of different products, using a tilt layout or Therefore, the thermal performance of the product is good, the heat dissipation index is less than 1.3, and has the advantages of low water temperature and high heat dissipation under low water flow. It is an ideal heat sink for temperature-controlled metering and <a href="http://vinyldecking.org/fireproof/288.html">order online vinyl decoration board edging</a> heating systems. In a variety of water quality media, corrosion-resistant, long service life.</p>

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