<p>Composite flooring is generally composed of four composite materials: the bottom layer, the substrate layer, the decorative layer and the wear-resistant layer. The number of revolutions of the wear layer <a href="http://pvcpanel.org/fireproof/8239.html">Images for Decks and Railing Photos Mexico</a> determines the life of the composite floor. Overview of Composite Wood Floors Both "composite wood floors" and "composite floors" are unprofessional titles because these two titles can cover many types of flooring, such as laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring. Because the market is full of non-standard marketing language, consumers are not familiar with these two words. Consumers generally refer to ��composite wood floors�� and ��composite floors�� to laminate flooring (standard term: impregnation).</p> <p> Paper laminate wood floor). Because some companies tend to name themselves for a number of different purposes, such as super wood floors, diamond wood floors, etc., in fact, no matter how complicated and <a href="http://pvcpanel.org/fireproof/8099.html">better homes landscaping wood plastic decking</a> different their names, most flooring products can It is classified into 5 categories including solid wood flooring, laminate wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring. Consumers should pay attention to the products that indicate "composite wood floor" or "laminate flooring" on sales contracts or invoices. The products named in this way must have no national and industry standards to protect your rights and interests.</p> <p> Composite wood floor structure Bottom: made of polyester material, play a role in moisture. Base layer: Generally made of <a href="http://pvcpanel.org/fireproof/8067.html">Pvc Flooring Manufacturers in India</a> density board, depending on density board density, also divided into low density board, medium density board and high density board. Decorative layer: After the special paper printed with a specific pattern (mainly based on simulated solid texture) is soaked in a solution of trihydric ammonia, after chemical treatment, the chemical properties of the paper are stable after the reaction is heated with a trimerized hydrogen ammonia, and no chemical reaction occurs. The characteristics of <a href="http://pvcpanel.org/fireproof/8270.html">Covering Stairs with Wood</a> the reaction make this paper a beautiful and durable decorative layer.</p>

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