<p>At present, the brand of solid wood flooring in the market is very confusing and the frequency of new brands is quite high. About three or five brands are born every month. People are also tired of the brand while paying attention to the brand. Into the flooring market, "Japanese imports", "German imports" or "top", "boutique" signs can be seen everywhere. Experts pointed <a href="http://outdoordeckprice.com/wpc-fence/2725.html">what is the best flooring material for a second flooring patio</a> out that a truly mature brand is very focused on communicating with consumers and after-sales service. Whether there is property insurance, whether or not there is a warranty card, whether or not the product is sold directly by the factory, whether the product is monopolized, etc. </p> <p>are all consumers should understand before selecting the product. Otherwise, there will be no one accepting problems in <a href="http://outdoordeckprice.com/eco-landscape/4530.html">professional outside patio flooring</a> the course of use, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to you. "Fudge" three: green floor In recent years, "healthy" and "green" have become popular words.</p> <p> In response to the "green environmental protection" propaganda boom, Armstrong's vice president explained: "The standards for green building materials stipulated by international environmental protection organizations are formaldehyde <a href="http://bestterracedecking.com/decking-floor/8.html">deck materials list</a> emissions not exceeding 9mg/100g. For the health of you and your family, you should try Choose a brand that is lower than this standard.” In general, floors that are truly environmentally friendly will have product certification from an authoritative organization. It can be seen that before the purchase of the floor, consumers need to do some market information collection, and fully understand the relevant professional <a href="http://bestterracedecking.com/decking-floor/2455.html">Floor Under What Is A Pavilion</a> testing data and certification bodies to be able to publicize the various products “examine and verify”.</p>

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