<p>Aluminum alloy and aluminum precision machining parts Need to pay attention to in the pre-treatment process: Although the surface of the fine processing of the original oxide film is easy to remove, but greasy heavy, especially in and around the hole ( Due to machining lubrication needs to be added), this type of workpiece must be cleaned with organic solvents, if not <a href="http://careerversity.in/outdoor/2790.html">Laminate Floor Supplier</a> directly with alkaline cleaning is difficult to remove the oily, and the fine processing can not withstand the strong alkali corrosion for a long time, the result will be Affect the surface roughness and tolerance of the workpiece, the final may become waste.</p> <p> aluminum alloy and aluminum casting molding parts in the pre-treatment process need to pay attention to the problem. Casting parts are not all machined <a href="http://careerversity.in/outdoor/2789.html">cost of pvc decking per lineal feet to board</a> surface machining, leaving the surface without casting process is too thick oxide layer formed during casting, and some also sand, this time should be first machined or sandblasting method to remove This part of the original oxide film, or after caustic and then processing, the only way to not only net raw parts of the raw oxide layer, but also to avoid the size of the machined parts to change the size. </p> <p>aluminum alloy and aluminum after heat treatment or welding process parts in the pre-treatment process need to pay attention to the problem: put cesium Arts requirements, the workpiece <a href="http://careerversity.in/outdoor/2788.html">aluminium curtain wall in uae</a> into the heat treatment or welding process before the need for organic solvent cleaning, in addition to net surface oil, but At present, generally can not do this, so the surface of the workpiece to form a layer of oil-burning coke, this layer of coking in the organic solvent is difficult to remove the net, if soaked in lye will cause local corrosion, pitting or cause Uneven, seriously affecting product quality. I use the method of soaking nitric acid bubble soak the balance layer of coking material, to be coking soften and then a little cleaning in the lye that can be <a href="http://careerversity.in/outdoor/2787.html">snap together deck tiles canadian tire</a> completely removed net.</p>

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