<p>All of the big ropes products meet this standard, and some of the big ropes products even comply with E0, the most stringent (unofficial) emission standard. In addition, with respect to the release of <a href="http://pvcfireproofdecking.com/blog/What-Kind-of-Wood-Floor-Can-Not-Buy-WPC-Floor-Selection-Guide.html">What Kind of Wood Floor Can Not Buy WPC Floor Selection Guide</a> volatile organic compounds, all large-scale bamboo flooring is divided into A and A+ categories in France, which is the highest category! The carbon footprint is big. Delft University of Technology was commissioned to conduct a formal LCA and carbon footprint research. All evaluated cords products (all bamboo flooring, outdoor flooring, boards, and chips) have negative CO2 emissions throughout their life cycle. </p> <p>CE certification The EU has passed the CE certification and requires all types of products to meet the highest quality requirements. It involves safety, health, environment and <a href="http://pvcfireproofdecking.com/blog/What-will-happen-to-the-plastic-floor-in-2018.html">What will happen to the plastic floor in 2018</a> consumer protection. Many years ago, all of Lambda's flooring products have obtained CE certification. Recently, Dazao also took the lead in participating in the CE certification for bamboo flooring. </p> <p>Floor fire safety According to the EN 13501-1 standard, fire safety classifications for flooring products range from A1fl (non-combustible) to Ffl (highly flammable). In order to meet the CE certification <a href="http://pvcfireproofdecking.com/blog/Where-Buy-PVC-Co-extrusion-Decking.html">Where Buy PVC Co-extrusion Decking</a> requirements, all of the Rope Floors were tested for fire safety and satisfactory results have been obtained from Bfl to Dfl.</p> <p> Drums? Extreme bamboo products do not even use flame retardants to achieve the Bfl-class rating of the EU standard EN 13501-1, and the flame spread index rating A of the US standard ASTME84. Wallboard/Ceiling Fire Safety According to the EN 13501-1 standard, the fire safety of materials for wallboard/ceiling applications can be classified from A1 (non-combustible) to F (highly flammable). Heavy ropes High-density heavy bamboo materials have been satisfactorily tested through fire safety tests, ie, B-s1-d0 can be achieved for materials of 18 mm or thicker. This result does not need to be injected into the standard - it is not possible with any other wood. Dasheng? Extreme bamboo products can achieve flame spread index A under the US standard ASTME84 even <a href="http://pvcfireproofdecking.com/blog/Where-Buy-WPC-Co-extrusion-Decking.html">Buy PVC Co-extrusion Decking</a> without flame retardant.</p>

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