it is affecting both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape

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both modern RuneScape and classic servers will be in the midst and services information disruption attacks. Moderator Tyran explained:Because you might observe, we're currently experiencing service disruption across both game and web services, it is affecting both 07 runescape gold and Old School RuneScape.

I am aware that RuneScape (along with games) will be targeted by attacks which can be causing connectivity issues for the players.Were doing everything you can to mitigate any impact on your gameplay experience - our Systems Team are attempting to improve stability across our core hosting platform to enhance the matter.

The studio warns players to stop high-risk content where items might be lost, but customer satisfaction will investigate items already compromised with the outages. A big-scale rollback seriously isn't currently planned; Moderator Ronan posted, "Unfortunately, Old School RuneScape doesn't have the tool forced to roll back or even confirm what items were lost by players and for that reason and also possible to refund any lost items." fifatd128