increases of solid wood flooring

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 <p> Meanwhile, laminate flooring is not only warm and natural decorative effect, and abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, plastic wood fence designs flame retardance, impact resistance are better than solid wood flooring. Flooring industry also believe that, due to domestic and foreign control of timber harvesting, timber import restrictions, bench made with composite laminate decking material shortages, rising prices, so that people turn to choose laminate flooring. </p>
<p>Laminate flooring deck furniture white composite lumber encounter competition, limited room for price increases of solid wood flooring. "Three-wood" will become the trend of the traditional solid wood floor will be decreasing in some cities in the south, by the influence of traditional practices, people still prefer wood floors.</p>
<p> According wood finish on outer walls to some of Shanghai's building materials market information provided by the proportion of the public to buy wood and laminate flooring is about 6-4. Solid wood flooring prices impact on the market is not yet great.</p>