high quality stainless steel plate

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1, to see the outer surface and the wall of the tube is bright and smooth, the thickness is uniform or rough. General welded pipe this basic do not have to check, and seamless steel pipe is cold drawn or hot-rolled way of production, improper operation in the production process prone to uneven thickness, the surface cracks and other phenomena, and the surface roughness is generally seamless No polishing treatment, if the appearance of no special requirements do not affect the use.Dn40 Pipe Size In Stainless Steel Pipe   2, the purchase should be selected by the Quality and Technical Supervision assessed the outstanding products. In the customer there is a long time to use witness and good word of mouth is the most direct and effective way to buy.410s s cheap price Stainless steel hot pot dish  3, rolling pipe often appear within the heavy skin, pitting, and rolling green line, under normal circumstances these can not be avoided, but also does not affect the use, but in the purchase must choose as little as possible, especially the inspection The inner surface.4, must choose a large brand of stainless steel, such as TISCO stainless steel, Baosteel stainless steel.EN класс все размеры мс угол стальной бар