global flooring industry

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 <p> Recently, the Sino-foreign joint venture Zhejiang World Friends of Wood Co., Ltd. spent huge sums of money after two years of research and development,soft outdoor flooring with super scratch-resistant performance of the titanium crystal surface super-flooring market in China.</p>
<p> The world's first to use the floor of the Friends of the unique anti-titanium nano-crystal technology, leading the global flooring industry,wood and plastic flooring Supplier breaking the traditional floor can not scratch the technical bottlenecks to fill the wood flooring industry technology gaps, eliminating the consumer worries.</p>
<p> According to the World Friends of R & D Center,composite tongue and groove paneling Dr. Tu Dengyun introduction, with titanium crystal factor titanium crystal nano-paint compared with the hardness of ordinary paint stronger, making the titanium crystal surface super-floor than the general france deck composite access path UV paint the floor more resistant to hard objects impact performance . </p>