flooring wholesale market

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 <p> "Wood products quality supervision Miles - straight wood-based panel, flooring market status" large-scale public interest survey by the China Economic Press Association,affordable wood decking China Forestry Industry Association jointly organized. China Economic Press Association, vice president and secretary-general Hu Ying-huan, said wood products quality supervision Miles activities, the use of public and unannounced visits a combination of wood-based panels.</p>
<p> flooring wholesale market, production enterprises to investigate and interview. As the flooring market this year, attention is not high, in order to attract more consumer attention,no formaldehyde wood fence price flooring business promotion has never stopped. Reporters recently visited a number of flooring market in Guangzhou found that the floor market price promotions are still everywhere. </p>
<p>Although there is no large-scale activities and promotional advertising, but many shopping malls are still introduced very attractive promotional offers.home design balcony flooring Many floor dealers have revealed that, although now from the "Golden Week" has been a long time, but the floor of the concessions has not stopped.</p>