consumers laminate flooring

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  <p>the purchase price advantage to attract consumers laminate flooring has also been some reference standards. China Consumer average price for composite wood flooring  Association and the China National Forest Products Industry Association jointly issued a consumer alert laminate flooring noted that due to the recent strengthening in raw material costs increasing production floor.</p>
<p> the factors product costs, balcony durable composite decking price operating expenses, cost of materials and installation services, it is recommended consumers buy the normal price more than 70 yuan per square meter of laminate flooring.corrugated wood plastic composite panels  According to the reporter, currently on the market in general to strengthen the brand in the floor price per square meter more than 80 yuan. & Nbsp expert advice on the selection of laminate flooring should be the main focus on environmental protection.</p>
<p> required to achieve a European standard. Official said, some consumers herd mentality more serious, solid wood flooring in the square composite decking villa lay only in many countries, is a relatively high-end products, the general's house laying the right carpet is also good.</p>