composite wood flooring price

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<p>In recent years, Wah Ming Nanjing Ming-lin Wood Co., Ltd., the average annual export of US composite wood flooring 600,000 square meters, the amount of more than 10 million US dollars. Since 2012, the US Department of Commerce on the Chinese composite wood flooring exports to the US market for anti-dumping investigations, composite decking cardiff Nanjing Ming-lin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.</p> 

<p>has been involved in the local industry in China in 2012, responding to individual complaints in 2013, while commissioned Well-known US and Beijing lawyer teams are involved in to make a cheap patio floor outside  March 22, 2013, the United States officially announced anti-dumping announcement, the early preparation of Nanjing Ming-lin Wood Co., Ltd. responded quickly and actively responding. After a few months of field investigation by Chinese and US lawyers, it was proved that Huaming Flooring Nanjing Minglin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.</p>

<p>exports products and operation plastic floor looks like wood uk management in accordance with the conditions of responding to the lawsuit and international trade rules. After more than a year of hard work of the team, the US Department of Commerce in May 2, 2014, said the final cut: Huaming floor Nanjing wood plastic composite cladding and flame retardant Minglin Wood Co., Ltd.</p>