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<p>We often see the movie pool parties, saw a group of men and women gathered around the pool, walked barefoot on a light gray floor, </p>
 <p>right! . Decorative pool almost inseparable from foreign wood floor, largely because of its superior , moisture, mildew, </p>
 <p>corrosion, anti-moth, anti-acid characteristics, general decorative materials or comfort but not durable, not for a long time may be swelling cracking; or durability may be, How to Install Wood Flooring,Wood flooring installation</p>
 <p>Wood flooring, as the name suggests is a combination of wood and plastic with waste plastic and waste wood, etc., agriculture, forestry, plant fiber made of straw base, </p>
 <p>while maintaining the affinity of solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture-proof water, acid , fungistatic, anti-static, anti-insect and other functions. </p>
 <p>Wood Flooring quietly popular with low-carbon environmentally friendly features stand out. At the same time, wood floors recyclable, called low-carbon, </p>
 <p>environmentally friendly, recyclable renewable ecology WPC true sense. For consumers, an energy-saving environmentally friendly wood flooring products, WPC flower box structures,FIG items flower boxes</p>
 <p>not only can control harmful emissions, but also to do so on the ground waterproof. Experts believe that wood flooring is a new type of detection material,</p>
 <p> in line with people's pursuit of a recycling economy, promote low-carbon environmental protection purposes, can be used for landscape, interior and exterior decoration,</p>
 <p> flooring, fence, flower beds, gazebos and other places, wood floor will a future where the trend has become home decoration and building materials commonly used in</p>
 <p> large-scale outdoor projects. Wood Flooring recently for its low carbon environmental quality, generally favored by consumers,</p>
 <p> the popular market. Compared with similar products, wood flooring both environmentally friendly and affordable low-carbon,